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  1. Is it okay if I post a link to a post on my technology related blog which has zero adverts or affiliate links? I got bored of posting the same stuff on each forum/subreddit and wanted somewhere to just post everything
  2. Upload needs to be higher... Hopefully AT&T's Gigabit service is available soon Speeds over wireless not to bad
  3. $10 says you have fiber to the tap, so its probably only coax over a very short distance Neat! Now if only they could increase upload speeds. What package are you on? I am also on the 250/25 package, but it has been discontinued and replaced with the 400/10 here in Texas
  4. Is that over Coax? That is VERY good latency
  5. Oof. What kind of network setup do you have? I'd be all over caching everything I could!
  6. Eh, speed isn't everything Give me a good business grade 50/50 with a real SLA and good peering over the majority of the residential crap any day!
  7. Since making the thread I decided to ditch the idea of adding resistors. The default 3000RPM is fine, and with resistors that too would be lowered, which I think wouldn't be a good idea since its already in a hot closet The next idea would be replacing the fans, but then I don't know for sure how well that would work, and it would cost quite a bit I just ordered the Lamptron CP436 and some 4-Pin extentions. I will run the yellow wire to the headers on the board to maintain monitoring, and then I will manually set the fans to around 3700RPM, which should be plenty good enough My only one issue with this setup, is that if it really were to get TOO hot, it would not have the ability to spin up the fans and cool down. But I guess there isn't much getting around that. Fast fans = loud!
  8. Questions first, then the explanation * If I control my fans via a molex powered fan controller, can I just splice off the 4th pin, and plug into the motherboard to get the RPM readout? The rest of the story, if anyone has any input! I have a Supermicro 826BA-R1K28WB, which has 3 x FAN-0126L4 fans. They draw around 6w each and are PWMI have the IPMI set to Optimal, but its still too loud sometimes. Sometimes I can't even hear it outside my closet, but then it will ramp up quite a bit and be too loud (3.5K RPM is fine, but they ramp up to 5K which is too loud!)I tried pushing raw commands through with IPMI tool, but it looks like that isn't supported on this X9DRW-CTF31 boardWhat is the best, cheapest, simplest option moving forward?I am thinking of either sticking resistors on the fan cables, or getting a Lamptron CP436 controller (Supports 36w per channel) which is around $30Getting resistors would be easier, but I'm unsure how PWM fans react to this, will the motherboard just ramp them up further? The fan controller would work, but then I would lose the tach reading, and it won't be able to increase the speed itself if it really is too warmI could replace the fans with Noctua's or something, but I feel like that won't give enough airflow without switching to active heatsinks Thoughts?
  9. No idea sadly, probably something that costs much more than my house though
  10. In this thread, only post speedtest results to servers over 5000 miles away Also if possible, post the speed you pay for from your ISP. This thread should highlight if your ISP has good peering with other networks I pay for 250/25 but get around 300/30 from Comcast in the United States (Texas) Here is over 5000 miles
  11. Took 13 runs, but here we go Can't wait for that 95th percentile bill...
  12. Was your speedtest from home? If only I had that at my house! Best I could get is 2G/2G MetroE from Comcast, but its $300/Mo Other than that its all over Coax, so fastest is 1G/45Mb...
  13. Yeah this is a VM in ESXi, and it really hits the CPU. I only have an E3-1270 V2 in there right now I have a speedtest server just 1 hop away, but it shows 0ms and last time I posted people accused me of faking it!
  14. I can switch the QOS to my box and see if I can do a 10G run, not sure how well the browser or speedtest.net will handle it though. It took a few runs to get it past 4 on speedtest