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  1. So I’ve seen this multiple times. I’m looking for a little docking station or NAS that my family and I can store work files or a full steam library on. I saw this and thought that if I filled this up with 8 or 10 TB hard drives then I could use it. Could I hook this up to a PC then make a network share that my family and I could map then access?
  2. Are these useful for anything? I mean if they are only 20-70 bucks they can’t be used for much.
  3. I was poking around amazon for computer/server parts and came across this. Is it a scam or a really good deal. I do know that it’s renewed but the list price for new is 1100 dollars.
  4. What was the closest that you have ever been to a lightning strike? I know that the closest lightning strike to me was about 500 feet away. It was during a Severe Thunderstorm and we were sitting in my grandma’s garage when lightning struck a tree just across the street from us.
  5. Thank you for your list. It helped me out a lot.
  6. Ok. What parts should I replace and what parts should I replace them with. Or where can I get the parts for cheaper.
  7. I am building a computer for a friend and made a computer on PC Part Picker and the Compatibility Check said that the computer was compatible but I am asking for confirmation such as Clearances. I would also like to know if all of the components would be suitable for gaming and if any of the components would be a bottleneck. Part List: PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU Intel Core i7-9700K 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor $369.99 @ Best Buy CPU Coo
  8. Let me explain to you my problem: I have an external Seagate Desktop Hard Drive and a Samsung T5 External SSD and want to combine them so initially it will go to the SSD then copy over to the hard drive as time goes on. Any ideas on how to do that?
  9. I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS! Unless you like fiery processor cores I have posted Pictures of the Scores of the benchmarks below.
  10. And accidentally lied. I have a i7-8750H, Intel search needs fixed.