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  1. The more the better but at the bare minimum, same as my current i7 990x. Intel only folks... Intel only. I cannot keep stressing this enough. INTEL.
  2. Thanks all. Its the platform maturity and reliability for me. And I'm a software engineer and what not so, it's pretty much a setting stone for me. Have had bad luck in the past with amd so rather not waste time when I know what I want I'm dying to get a new cpu and board, the extreme edition but given they are a little dated... makes me wonder on holding out for longer... I've been holding out for 5 years.
  3. Let's be fair and honest and not have the whole AMD fanboy's around. What is in the timeline for Intel? X299 is apparently "Dead" but back it up with evidence. Why is it "dead"?
  4. So... any new CPU coming up from Intel soon that is fast and efficient or shall I stick to thinking about getting the 10/11090xe? From the little things here and there, doesn't seem to be anything new and better coming out but concerns me on the potential upgradability of the CPU and on the x299 chipset too?
  5. nope, no issues in that regard and no, not booting from RAID0. I just did some air dust cleaning before closing her up again just to see if something was overheating but does not appear to be. I started her up again... did not shut off but again, hung at login for 7-10 minutes on a black screen before desktop shows.
  6. So this past week I have been cleaning up my system in terms of drives and OS upgrades and migrating files etc... I have 6 drives, 4 of which are SSD's. I noticed this when I only plugged in 3 SSD's (boot and then RAID0 SSD's) that once, midway through a boot, the computer turned off completely. NEVER had that in the last 7 years I have had the system (which is virtually on 24x7) Then today there was a point where it took a good 8 minutes to have the desktop show which is unexplained. No errors. Then just now, I was tidying up cables and re-arranging the drive
  7. I get that but im talking about models and what not and poor lifespan of the product or the product it is attached to
  8. Maybe but I am VERY VERY VERY cautious with how manufacturers are these days... quick to market and sell.
  9. Dear gawd! Still though, even with that? All tightly screwed?
  10. Example: Noctua NH-D15 82.5 CFM CPU Cooler Such a massive cooler, and probably heavy - so how on earth is it able to stay put and operate, without damaging the CPU and motherboard? Surely it must shear off or something?! Thoughts? And I don't mean this specific cooler but even the variants?
  11. yeah crap like that scares the heck outta me. its also one of my complaints overall on how manufacturers are doing this stuff just to try and keep the CPU cool. LOL
  12. @RadiatingLight - was looking at the fan and damn, that looks heavy. how on earth can it stay like that without it shearing off? LOL