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  1. Selective focus looks awesome! Thanks for the competition guys
  2. Wish I had saved up a little while longer and gotten the 780 rather than the 760 I have right now. I'm happy with the 760 but in hindsight, I would love to have spent the extra money for the 780.
  3. Higher price =/= better CPU. They're both effectively the same chip with the major differences being that the 5930k can be overclocked and the Xeon supports ECC memory (which doesn't matter unless you've got a server). I'd take the 5930k even if it were more expensive than the Xeon. With the consumer grade CPU's the Xeon's lack iGPU's and are not overclockable but they are a fair bit cheaper hence it can make sense in that range but with these two CPU's choosing the Xeon makes no sense whatsoever. Edit: Good to see that you've decided on the 5930k
  4. I have no intention of turning this into a lengthy argument over what is a highly debatable topic. Just brought it up as I do agree with his claim of performance degrading. I have my opinion and you have yours.
  5. Has it occurred to anyone that it may be that she does in fact have a relationship with the author and she has only stated that she doesn't to be a part of sensationalist news?
  6. Hugo Barra (Xiaomi's VP) spoke about why Xiaomi don't put micro SD card slots in their flagships anymore and to be honest, he makes a great point as to why.
  7. @LinusTech I've been looking to get the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit with the discount from the WAN Show but shipping to Australia is so damn expensive! The toolkit is $54.95 USD with the WAN Show discount but shipping is almost half of that at $23.85 USD. Is there anything you guys can sort out with iFixit to make it affordable for your Aussie viewers?
  8. As cool as this is, it seems irrelevant with USB C already coming out. It's a greatly improved port that's reversible, robust and has better performance.
  9. I don't get how this is innovative. You need the lamp to give light to your workstation in the first place which then requires said light to generate electricity... Not sure they thought this through. Even if the lamp collects energy through a window, it won't be enough at all to cover the cost of the panel and/or the inverter. It seems like people are trying to put solar panels on everything these days. Then they just label it "Environmentally Friendly!" and sell it for far more than you should pay for. Solar panels are great but not on everything.
  10. Btw just to point out that PwC are huge! One of the world's biggest consulting companies (2nd behind Deloitte) and they are regarded very well in the industry. Their industry research is not to be taken lightly. My take on this is just that PC gaming is moving far too quickly for consoles to catch up. But with cloud gaming becoming a thing and subscription based gaming being a part of the future, you just can't write consoles off. They're much more cost effective and are just better for casual gamers who don't want to break the bank for a few hours a week at most.
  11. I actually think there's not many great game streamers. My favourite is GameGrumps and they're amazing but there aren't very many who are really good.
  12. IMO a lot of game streamers don't deserve their audience, in particular Pewdiepie. I really like PCPer. Those guys put a tonne of effort into their content and they regularly have industry experts on there plus they have fantastic knowledge of underlying technology. As much as people talk about their bias towards Nvidia, I think they give AMD quite a fair chance too. Also Hardware Canucks are great too. Edit: With regards to Tek Syndicate, I find their stuff is decent. There are times when their content can be useful and other times when they have this very elitist attitude towards the topic of discussion.
  13. It looks great but I think the biggest gain from this will be consistency. There will always be some cards that are binned better than others but the difference between them will reduce. Who knows, we might end up at a point where all GPU's are made almost exactly the same with the same OCing capabilities. That would mean factory overclocks can get much closer to the reasonable limits of each card!
  14. AMD always seems to deliver on marketing but not on implementation. I get it that they don't have as much R&D funds to work with as Intel or Nvidia do but they seriously have to stop promising this and that through marketing and put a product out that does well without having set so many expectations of their products. I really want to love AMD but they need to re-focus and stop playing like the underdog while trying to over-market their future products.
  15. Just a thought but do you think that might be so since it's a preview version? Seeing as how the preview builds have incompatible driver issues it would make sense to make sure people are updated with the latest drivers on the preview. Hopefully it does change for the final version of Windows 10 Pro for the more advanced users. Personally, I welcome this change especially for Windows 10 Home Edition. Most people using the Home Edition will be someone who doesn't really know better so making the update process automatic for them would be better for them.
  16. Same here. Was upset with the downgrade but the effort put into the game is phenomenal. Anyone saying otherwise just hasn't played the game. I'd rather take the game being huge as it is now and still looking good than have something looking like the 2013 trailers but significantly smaller in scope. As for the post, I feel as though this should be the norm and shouldn't be a positive from developers but it is. IMO it shouldn't be a marketing point and should be what every developer stands for which unfortunately just doesn't happen.
  17. IMO the storyline for TW1 was better than TW2's. The combat in the first one is atrocious but if you can get past that then you have an incredibly mature game with such beautifully dark themes that is amazing to play through. TW2 has overall better gameplay and the graphics are amazing but the storyline just isn't as great as the first. One thing you might notice in TW2 is that it's a bit harder to understand the characters if you haven't played the first. In the first one, the characters are fleshed out so well. Having said that, the second is still a great game but if you like following the plot and want to understand more about Geralt then don't miss the first. The only thing that would put you off is the terrible combat system. Acts IV and V have some of the best scripts I've seen in modern video games.
  18. That does seem to be the case as OP's updated post mentions the upgrade specifically. If it were included in the paid version too then I wouldn't be happy with it either but since it's only in the free upgrade then it's definitely understandable and as it's easily removable as well there really shouldn't be any problems. Those who are complaining about a third-party app helping to make the upgrade free can just purchase the paid version which I think will be priced reasonably.
  19. I personally don't mind it for the free upgrade. To me it's the same as a developer supporting their software through ad revenue. My comment in regards to the paid copies being unaffected is in reply to the comments that people are making about their clean installs having Candy Crush installed when (as far as we know) just won't be true as it's only affecting the free upgrades. Whether installing Candy Crush alongside the free upgrade is fine or not is up to your opinion though.
  20. OP stated that the Candy Crush is added to upgrades to Windows 10 from which we can infer that it's for the free versions of Windows 10 and not paid versions. Your paid copies won't be affected.
  21. As per OP: It's only for people who are getting the free upgrade to Windows 10. As far as we all can tell, if you're going to be doing a fresh install with your own copy of Windows 10 then Candy Crush won't be installed. Seriously, it's the same as downloading free, ad-supported software. I don't know why the internet expects everything to be free without having businesses monetising their product. It's as simple as paying for it to not have the game installed.
  22. HoloLens is going to be amazing. One thing most others didn't notice that I think is going to be big in Windows 10 is the consistency between devices and within the OS itself. I love how MS has actually listened and made the whole experience more consistent on a single device and more consistent between devices. On top of that how good does the adaptive UI look for different hardware? I love how they're finally improving the touch experience on the desktop. Small things like spacing out menus more for touch screens is going to make for a much better and intuitive experience for all platforms. It looks like they got it right between maintaining a consistent experience and adapting it to the hardware. Just hoping it delivers on what MS has shown us. First time in ages since I've been excited by what's coming out from Microsoft.
  23. Damn! Microsoft you're stepping up. I'm seeing the new Microsoft as being much more dev friendly, developing more relevant & useful features, making it a more uniform experience for all Windows 10 users (tablets, PC's and phones) and improving their cloud services. It's been such a long time since I've been this excited for software developments, especially from Microsoft. I just hope they deliver on what they've said. So stoked though!
  24. If you can, try getting a feel for it at a store that has the Xbox One up on display. If you like the feel then go for it