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  1. look for Compatibility mode, in under the boot or HD settings, i literally had to remember this today after installing a new bios, i am on ASUS motherboard aswell. sorry update, correct wording Compatibility support module, should be able to search for it in the UEFI bios rather than go hunting through all the options https://superuser.com/questions/857117/what-is-csm-option
  2. That 100mb is just coming from the routers 100mbps switching capability, essentially any router than can go up to 1gbps on the switching side would give you what you need.
  3. Well as i've worked in IT for years my best mantra is, "A ping does not mean a thing!" essentailly a ping response can come from anywhere and not actually from the destination you are trying to reach. What does tracert tell you? do you have device discovery on, on both computers ?
  4. no how far does your WIFI already reach? like if it already makes it halfway you could prob just put ya router in your upper floor window and be done with it.
  5. I just went from a Razer Chroma to the Steelseries Arctis 7 and it sounds awesome! the razer headset is a POS in comparison, But I am used to running Sony WH-1000XM3 so I am pretty picky about good quality can's I actualy wanted the logitech, but it was out of stock on amazon.. damn pandemic!
  6. or could be you have the front panel connectors not connected correctly like power switch connected to Reset Switch or reset to Power LED or you just have failed to turn the switch on on the PSU
  7. How are you confirming you are connecting to the Repeater and not the Router? as they should be seemless? and look exactly the same?
  8. Well all those devices are on the same network, so this isn't routing, its just networking, if you have static address are you actually using reservations in the routers, if both those routers are handing out DHCP you could end up with a lovely address conflict!
  9. How far does the Wifi already reach into your garden? use something like https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.farproc.wifi.analyzer&hl=en_GB to see, as it might simply be a case of updating the channel you are using now. Ubiquiti sounds a bit overkill for this. as all you really need to do is add either Repeater or Antenna to the outside of your house. but that all depends if you have a a router that has external antena that you can unscrew? essentially the other point that needs to be made, Wifi works much better outdoors than it does indoor, so an access point like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wireless-Waterproof-Installation-Controller-EAP110-Outdoor/dp/B01N4EGN6H will more than likely completely flood your garden if you put it up high enough on the outside of the house, does need cabeling and if poss POE, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wireless-Waterproof-Installation-Controller-EAP110-Outdoor/dp/B01N4EGN6H so essentially you run a network cable to the wall facing the garden, plug it into that POE switch, then run a cable from that POE switch too the AP, so about £80 for your hardware + cable, if you can terminate CAT 5 Then Cool just get some indoor cable for the Router to Switch part, and some outdoor for the Switch to AP part. CAT5 isnt actually that hard to terminate if you have the correct tools https://www.amazon.co.uk/Crimping-Stripper-Connection-Connectors-Ethernet/dp/B06WW4SQB9 this is probably the clearest diagram, you cable both ends the same .. A-A or B-B I normally use 568-B for all my patch cables
  10. Not sure I understand what you are asking so I must answer in jest, A normal bridge is normally a way to describe something spanning a gap of some sort which you can travel over. A Network Bridge is defined like this A network bridge is a computer networking device that creates a single aggregate network from multiple communication networks or network segments. This function is called network bridging.[1] Bridging is distinct from routing. Routing allows multiple networks to communicate independently and yet remain separate, whereas bridging connects two separate networks as if they were a single network.[2] In the OSI model, bridging is performed in the data link layer (layer 2).[3] If one or more segments of the bridged network are wireless, the device is known as a wireless bridge. The main types of network bridging technologies are simple bridging, multiport bridging, and learning or transparent bridging.[4][5] Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridging_(networking)
  11. Yeah you can't really get gaming grade laptops for cheap! they carry a hefty price, you can normally build a stellar desktop for the same cash.
  12. Seems like a mid level gamer tier laptop, have you looked at Dell xps or Alienware? I would side towards one of an asus laptop personally, I would always go to a brand i trust and work from there. personally for me and laptops its Lenovo, but I am not sure they make any gaming ones.
  13. Id buy a swtich like a Procurve for each floor, and cable it .. but the 1410-8G is a bit hard to get now, so this Tplink looks like a good enough replacement. seeing as you want unmanaged https://www.amazon.co.uk/TP-Link-TL-SG105S-Ethernet-Lifetime-Warranty/dp/B07HP6ZLSM/
  14. Also its great that your PC is Gigabit but you don't mention whether your Modem or Router runs its Network at 1Gbps if it doesnt then your whole internal network is running at 100Mbps Check the network adapter and what speed its running at in windows. either way, you haven't actually said you have an issue, I am just guessing .