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    ^^^^^ Pronounced Flips I use :P too much :P
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    i5 3570k
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    ASRock Extreme 4
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    2x4gb Kingston HyperX fury Blue/ 2x4gb G.Skill Aegis
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    R9 290 Windforce
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    Corsair Obsidian 450D
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    2tb Toshiba HDD/ 120gb Samsung 840 evo
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    Corsair TX750M (EVGA 850 g2 in the future... maybe...)
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    CM 212x (Kraken x61 in the future)
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    Razer Black Widow Tournament edition
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    Razer Death Adder 2013
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    Razer Kraken 7.1

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  1. Thanks for your help, in truth an upgrade isn't the end of the world anyway but I was hoping to wait till the next gen of cpu's were out
  2. Might see if I can find one somewhere otherwise I'll just buy a new one, my only concern is that the PSU might have fried some other things
  3. I don't have a voltmeter nor do I really mind buying a new PSU, I just wondered if it was likely that the motherboard was fried as well and I should order all the new shit together
  4. I had an issue with my PSU some 6 months ago when it turned out the fan wasn't always starting, fixed it by slapping a spare case fan on top of it so I wouldn't be surprised if that were it.
  5. My pc black screened 3 times and now it isnt turning back on, when i turn it on the lights for my case fans turn on but they dont spin unless i manually get them started. All other fans spin but slowly. Before the 3rd black screen I did some temperature tests and some benchmarks, gpu was maxing at 85 during the valley benchmark and cpu wasnt going past 70 on prime95. So I assume its a motherboard or PSU issue. Is there anyway to test which ones broken if not both without finding other parts to test with
  6. Yup that rig Its happening when running csgo tonight cant remember what i was running when it crashed last night Sudden crash, i hear the fans stop and restart thats it
  7. This happened a while back and then went away, my pc will randomly turn off then come back on either fully (like a restart) or just sit there with a black screen and only fans running, I tracked temps in game and they where fine.
  8. Both cards are overclocked. One may be more than the other but still. Also if you need more performance you overclock and if you don't then it doesn't matter.
  9. A 780 and 970 are exactly the same. i would actually say the 780 is better
  10. Is there support for the Omega drivers on windows 8? read somewhere there was only support for 8.1 and 7....

  11. My mate recently got his stolen items back. Also i looked it up on my own and found it was a thing. Im still retarded though
  12. I was playing with a dude and he invites to a game with some mates, we join and everything is going fine but then i realise a dude on my team is afk, nothing to sus but hey whatever, I ask if they have a teamspeak they say no they use ventrilo. I though i heard of this before and they send me a link, its a bit wierd but i look it up and it seemed like a thing. I download but nothing happens when i launch it. They send me an ip when for when i get it working. I keep playing. we discuss it not working and they send me a new link. looks similar so i try and nothing happens. I then rejoin and talk