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  1. Sigh, none of this is anyone's business. If you really want a figure you can google it quickly enough.
  2. Because you hate your PCIE slots, that's why
  3. It would be easier to mount fans into the chair.
  4. The fans are likely clogged with dust, try cleaning them out or replacing them.
  5. Linus did it a while back, take a look at this
  6. You could but depend on how old the mobo/cpu is because of socket changes etc
  7. So the place I work makes broadcast graphics for several broadcasters around the world. We are in the middle of designing a system that will rate a team player in a sport based on their performance during a game, and we need a catchy name for it. Preferably would contain sky in it somewhere. Let me know your ideas.
  8. This is good for sharks and humans alike. If an attack happens then the shark that did it get hunted. No attack, no hunting.
  9. It is completely in their control to sort thins out, this campaign has been going on for over a year now. I work in broadcasting and know for a fact that you do not just think oh it will be OK when working in live TV
  10. This is no ones but the broadcasters fault. They let a mission critical broadcast machine be in a position where this could happen. Yeah i doubt that. Someone will be in trouble for this.
  11. Th mini I restored back in the day, made it on the cover of miniworld magazine too.