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    I try hard...

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    Network Manager


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    i5 6500
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    Z170 Hero
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    16GB Kingston HyperX Fury Black
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    GTX 1070 Founders
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    Pavrum S2.5 Extended
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    Samsung 850EVO 256GB SSD
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    Corsair CF600
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    Acer XB270H + Dell U2711
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    EVGA cooler in GPU, be quiet! Dark LP
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    Corsair K65 TKL
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    Steel Series Rival
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    Steelseries Siberia V2 Frost Blue
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    Windows 10 Professional
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  1. blu4

    Android Messages for web now available for everyone

    This is the web equivalent of your built in SMS app on your phone, WhatApp is a different app.
  2. blu4

    Very low fps on gtx 1080

    Things to check: MAX Performance mode in Nvidia settings V-sync off FPS limit in the game settings
  3. The first pre-order I did was the Witcher 3, was not dissapointed at all. The second one will definately be Cyberpunk <3
  4. blu4

    Can i use a laptop screen as a desktop monitor?

    There probably is a way of doing it but it's not very simple. The HDMI/VGA/DP ports on your laptop are output only.
  5. 6 verification steps? Can you name them all because I can only think of 3-4.
  6. I belive that as of 1703 (correct me if I'm wrong) Microsoft changed how your data is collected when setting up a device. Not sure how much control that gives you but GDPR will force MS to tell you exactly what's getting collected. I am curious.
  7. The reason they are successful is because they appeal to the non-tech side of consumers- which there is a LOT.
  8. blu4

    Smartwatch recommendations, ticwatch e?

    Turn off caps lock. Watch lasts for at least a week. Colour e-paper display, simple notofications and canned responses.
  9. blu4

    Smartwatch recommendations, ticwatch e?

    I suggest the pebble time.
  10. blu4

    point to point radio/network connection

    If you pay crap money you will get crap performance. I used the Airmax and it works perfectly fine, I would reccomend it.
  11. right... you are the administrator so there is something wrong with permissions. I'll have a think about it and get back to you..
  12. I assume "chantal" is your account name yes?
  13. right... Back to CMD, type in net user and click enter. Post the result here.
  14. Silly question, are you the administrator on the laptop? Can you check in Settings -> Accounts -> Your info