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  1. use something like oven paint, even though i don't think it gets hot enough to really warrant it. take them off the MB before you do it and let it dry for 24 hours or more.
  2. if you something like oven paint or a high temp paint then no, im pretty sure most paint will be good above 50c anyways. if you paint the actual fan blades then it can throw off the balance of the fan and cause a little more wear on the bearing. you can check the msds of the paint you want to use to get exact information. the air in your case is probably much lower than 50c too, those temps are right on the gpu.
  3. don't be on your phone, being on a phone is just about as bad as drunk driving. watch for others that are on their phones.
  4. well that's surprising, a modestly built backplate should stop that. maybe something to tie it up is in order.
  5. means you might need another cpu to flash the bios before your cpu would work unless you can flash it without a cpu;i forget the name of what they call it,, a pc repair shop can do it. if they have something like a version 2 of that board it should come with updated bios. a bios is one of the most basic instruction set that tell you components how to talk to the cpu and other parts. depending on games 2 cores might not be enough, some games won't even launch without 4 cores even if your cpu could handle the game. if you can save just a tad more and get something from intel with 4 cores it will serve you alot better in the long run, something like dropping the gpu to 660ti and upgrading the cpu may be a better option in the long run. maybe something like this http://pcpartpicker.com/list/HnJKqk if you have a max price i might be able to help better.
  6. they very well could but, something like 1 to 3c would be my best guess and up to 5c if airfow was really bad. gpus temps probably will drop even less as they just put out so much heat and sensors are right on the pcb. if you can move the AIO to the top and put to intakes on the front you would probably be in a better position if that's a option. most components are fairly heat tolerant so as long as temps are decent you won't have any noticeable decrease in life of parts. gpu caps are often rated at 40-50c with psu's being tested in that range too, your case temps are most likely below well that range so, all should be good. 40c is about 104 f, pretty hot and something you would most likely notice.
  7. ah, in that case i've always heard good things about these http://www.akasa.com.tw/search.php?seed=AK-FN057 not the best bearing but 50k hours is like 3 years so, up to you. are temps a problem? if not then how much air is really flowing is already sufficient and adding fans would add more noise unless you lower rpm. with crossfire, if you have a side panel case fan slot this would just be about the only time i would use them, just to suck some air out around that area as one the gpus is going to dump a ton of hot air into the other one almost immediately and not too much we can do about it because the distance between them is so small.
  8. why, too loud, not enough airflow for you? they look like high static pressure just because the blade type. i've never had those nor i do i test a lot of fans so, i can only go on my own experience which is limited;sorry. also colored led fans have never been a favorite of mine, it seemed like more marketing than performance but, i could just be biased after having a friend with some corsair fans.
  9. yes and no, it's a 3 pin fan which isn't bad on its own it just only really has 3 setting based on voltage. for a case fan no problem but cpu fans should be pmw and i prefer pmw fans if you have a 4 pin headers. a 4 pin will give you more control over speed and will have a lest ramp up noise as it will scaled better. i've not used these in as i got the black/orange ones and haven't looked back.
  10. they don't seem to get much love around the block, the black ones are nice too. i can run them at max speed and they are still pretty quite. people tend to buy corsair then hate them and jump right to noucta, too much money for me. also what did you get rid of the other fans you bought? this might be able to point us in a better direction of what to offer you. this guy seemed to do pretty good reviews, but nothing is new from him i think.
  11. i feel in love with these for the price, they are super quite and move a good amount of air plus the bearing should last longer than my pc. there is also a post just below this that list some high presure static fans and those listed at outstandin aswell. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835553002&cm_re=cougar_fans-_-35-553-002-_-Product that post, only reason why there is only one post is because he pretty much said the best fans i can think of for that type of use. i would also take fan spec with a grain of salt as they are one trying to sell you something and 2 done under idle conditions.
  12. nope , it has a backplate and should be more than fine;shouldn't sag at all. the amp cards are normally pretty good too. only thing might be iffy is zotac support but, you can send them a email about something easy and if they respond soonish than they are doing ok on that front, RMA is another beast though and i can speak of zotac rma.
  13. should be as the cooler had about 100 watts of tdp over the cpu tdp. i like air cooling and the cooler you got is a very good one with outstanding fans on it. i like air because you know right then if its broken as its only the fans and there is no guess work or liquids around my pc parts, i already blow enough caps as it is. air cooling can also be quieter and in this case probably will be.