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  1. Im going to use it with a MSI X99a Sli plus motherboard
  2. Hey guys and girls, Im looking for graphic cards and then i saw the zotac 1070 amp extreme. Now is my question do i need anything to support the card in my H440 because its a kinda heavy card?
  3. Seems like a good build, the only thing is you can buy Windows 10 for like 30 bucks on kinguin
  4. Yeah i know i need a better cooler for overclocking, but will i be fine if i took the hyper 212x and upgrade it to a aio liquid cooler later?(when i want to overclock)
  5. Hey guys, I'm willing to build this pc for gaming and doing all kind of things for my ICT education. Will this be a good pc ? http://pcpartpicker.com/list/KJWC8K
  6. Its from someone who dropped out of college and need to pay his debts
  7. In the Netherlands(where I live) that graphics card alone cost 518 bucks
  8. What do you recommend as a heavy 3d application? Something like a benchmark??
  9. Yeah i already saw that video but its already in there and i think its a good one so it can last a while
  10. Hey I live in the netherlands and i can buy this pc: Intel I5 4430Gigabyte H97M-HD3ZOTAC AMP GTX 980 TiNoctua Cpu Cooler32 GB DDR 3 Mem1000 Gb SSD2 TB Hard DriveEVGA 1000W Power SupplyZalman Z3 Plus Windows 10 for €599 is it a good deal? And if im going for the pc on what should i pay extra attention?
  11. Congrats on your 1000 posts would be nice if i can add a game to my steam
  12. my pc is a ACER ASPIRE M ASM5800 more i couldnt find
  13. I live in Holland and I would like to spend under €100
  14. Do I need to buy a dac for my future ath m50xbl I use an old Acer PC and I don't know if my audio source is sufficient Please some advice