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    Tech , Gaming , SCIENCE ! ( Now with added economics )
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  1. My first instinct is a P!nk's song "So What"...
  2. Well... enough reccommendation has been piled up already for future anime enthusiasts... The rest of the activity just goes to Discord now
  3. $130 for a card... Hmm... Hmm... I can buy 13 indie albums with that kind of money here... Also screw Dragonball or Naruto, Card Captor Sakura was my gateway anime (Along with Kobato, the first slice of life anime I've ever watched and the first to have a time travel element to it), and I didn't know that it was a Madhouse production until recently and I didn't realise how the animation and art still holds strong up to this day... @MyInnerFredSend another invite to me, preferably early in the evening since then that will be around the time I most likely check the forum
  4. Hmm... Hey I want to join the Discord serv... *Realises that I don't have a microphone, just speakers*
  5. I wouldn't say NeoMarxists cause that word is thrown around so much that it loses its meaning. I would say it's sort of like the Gulag for cultural appropiation, where if your ideals do not fit with the majority of the company, you get sacked .
  6. I prefer the manga since the food looks more detailed and polish and overall more aesthetic pleasing, even if it's in black and white, some how... And the production value is still disappointing... Like the overall art direction is a polar opposite to the manga... Also instead of censored, they decided to cut away from the action entirely, which is maddening to me... Fricken Steins;Gate 0 has better animation then Tokyo Ghoul:Re
  7. It's a six pointed star screw... I'm screwed for I don't own one. Have to take it outside then...
  8. What are the usual abnormality do I need to keep an eye out for? I have never seen the interior of a laptop before but I can guess where the wifi card is located.
  9. Yeah I might fiddle with it later with a credit card or something, just have to find the correct glue that would adhere to both plastic and metal to stick it back.
  10. Yeah I might fiddle with it later with a credit card or something, just have to find the correct glue that would adhere to both plastic and metal to stick it back.
  11. There's an indent which held the screw but the plastic strip sits on top of the indent, the strip's edge sits beneath the indent and there's no room to insert something under the indent.
  12. One small problem... I don't have the tools at home to pry the plastic strips at the bottom out (There are screws under those plastic strips). I heard that a guitar pick would do the trick but I don't own one... Is there any other tool I can use to get them out or do I have to them to a shop? (The plastic strips are really firmly sealed in their sockets too)
  13. Hi, I've been using this HP Envy x360 15 inch (15m-bp112dx) for 4 months now and the wifi would disconnect at random intervals, I say random but it more like 15-20 minutes a time and it takes close to a minute to reconnect. At first I thought it was a settings thing, mainly the 'Use Random Hardware Address setting', I turned it off but the issue persists, albeit at longer intervals (Possibly once every hour) . I'm not sure if this is a windows 10 problem or a hardware problem. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Woo hooo, Steins;Gate Zero! Woo hoo, All For One fight! Woo hoo, confirmed Mob Psycho 100 season 2! Woo hoo everywhere! But yeah I'm slowly burning through A Place Further Than The Universe, it's pretty good, makes me wanna have firends like that back then...