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  1. So just to let everyone know. I got the EKWB for the ref cards and it works great. Thank you again everyone for your help
  2. Thank you everyone. I do not know why I did not think to look up specs for the HP 2080.
  3. I know the card is a 2080 super "made by" HP. What i do not know is who really makes them and is it a basic board layout that I could get a full cover water block for.The blower style cooler seems to be uncommon/less favored on the 2080 Super. Any help is welcome. Thank you for your time
  4. It is nice to see that dang near the top 20 spots are making over 2mil points avg.With the top 10 doing 3mil+ avg. I love seeing this group do good things. Just wish it was a month or so later. Killing me running my setup with 95-98F temps outside. My poor A/C may die lol, but the PCs power on for the greater good and some fun.
  5. I may be less than 1%,But i love doing this. I really wish i could do more, But they say every bit helps
  6. Would like to say Thank you to everyone who made this event possible and to everyone who pushed the LTT team to new highs.
  7. @Ben Quigley @Cereal5 Just putting the info out. So under inspector i am in P2. Cant seem to find where to lock to P0, But under the P2 state overclock page i can move the slider over to get back up to 3705 mem clock. Also looking at my card i think i have have the switch for the duel bios in the factory not OC position the whole time i have owned the card ?
  8. Yeah that’s what I thought too. But it shows just at 73% and the EVGA XOC has the slider to 120% but I’ll try the inspector to see what it says. Thank you
  9. Hello, hope everyone is doing well. Got a question. I have a EVGA 980ti FTW card. When it is pushed hard it goes to 1379gpu and 3752mem. When i fold it drops to 1379 and 3304*P2 state i guess*but even if i Kboost it to lock it to the higher mem clocks they still drop as soon as folding starts. Any ideas? Thank you for your time
  10. Sorry for leaving anyone out.Big Thank you everyone. It takes a team.
  11. @Ben Quigley Two things. First down to 2.3 months. hope to reel them in on this big bump before the drop off. Second with no care about power usage, do you think a 980ti ftw would see any worth while gain from OC it currently sits at 1379 gpu clock and 3304 mem clock at 63c
  12. When we started this, The next team was 6 months away. Just looked less than 4 months(Looks like it will go even lower) lets reel them in.