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  1. Sadly I'm in the UK and can't find a decent 750 Ti.
  2. Thank you for your help. I was hoping to keep the same setting i.e Extend these displays.
  3. Will I be able to run both monitors off the single HDMI port on the GT710 using a splitter and then 2 HDMI to DVI cables?
  4. The monitors are the exact same model, I've tried the same calibration profiles, tried adjusting through the monitor itself but they still show a difference in colour.
  5. Hi guys, I'm currently sorting a work pc out that is running 2 monitors: 1 connected via DP to DVI 1 connected via VGA My colleague has noticed a difference in the colour display. My question is if I fit a ASUS GeForce GT 710 can I run both monitors off the 1 HDMI port with a HDMI splitter and then use 2 HDMI to DVI cables? Would this correct the colour difference? The monitor resolutions are 1600x900. Many thanks
  6. Hello all, Trying to help my friend out with his LED sign hes just bought. It's running off a Biosled EX-10C controller board. I have downloaded Biosled software and made a few test signs for him but none work when I plug the USB into the board. It's composed of 28 - 8x8 led blocks 14 long 2 rows deep. His exhibition is getting closer and closer and we are struggling to get this right. Spoken to the supplier but have been told no CD is needed just the Biosled software and a blank USB dongle. Does anyone have any ideas on what parameters I would need to set on the program to get it to display the text correctly? I was told by one person that I need to load some mp4/jpeg 1920*1080 content onto the USB drive for it to work. I can't see this being right as it's just a simple LED text display sign.
  7. Just thought I'd post an date. Pc all built up and running: i7 9700K Corsair H100x MSI Z-390 Pro 64GB Ballistix sport 3200Mhz GTX 1060 6GB 1TB Sabrent Nvme m.2 Seasonic Focus 650w 80+ Gold Phanteks Enthoo Pro *The Sabrent drive is an absolute monster! I can't recommend this m.2 drive enough, I've bought one to stick in my home pc! He loves his new pc that much that I'm getting to get myself a new one as well!
  8. Just had a quick look his tower is between mid and full tower size.
  9. 10 gbit would be more than enough,
  10. This is the reply I just got...
  11. Thanks Guys, He can't remember how much he paid for his current PC. I am still torn between Intel and AMD, Personally I think the 3900X would be over kill. I can't foresee a database that will use all 12 cores. 8 core CPU paired with a very fast M.2 NVME drive & 32GB ram would be fine please correct me if I'm wrong. What GPU should I go for I was thinking along the lines of the Quadro P400??
  12. That was my plan just to stick an SSD in his current one but been told no put together a complete new one....
  13. Good Morning people! I've been asked to put together a new work pc for my boss. He uses a lot of large Excel databases amongst other calculation programs. His current setup is a Xeon X5660 so it's 6 core 12 threaded cpu, 32GB ECC ram. I was thinking of suggesting an SSD or a m.2 drive? instead of a brand new pc. This is what I've come up with quickly. Looking for some advice is this overkill or not enough?
  14. I currently have an Iphone XR I love it but I am torn whether to upgrade to the iPhone 11 pro or wait until the 2020 iphones.....
  15. I tried that earlier just in case HKCU did actually require a reboot.