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  1. MrBaker89

    iPhone XR jailbreak

  2. MrBaker89

    iPhone XR jailbreak

    Morning folks looking at jailbreaking my iPhone XR what is the best way to go about it these days? Havent jailbroken an iphone since the iphone 4 days
  3. MrBaker89

    Iphone control from pc?

    I don't mind Jailbreaking the device tbh
  4. MrBaker89

    Iphone control from pc?

    I don't have access to the wifi at work so it needs to be through a usb connection
  5. MrBaker89

    Iphone control from pc?

    Morning everyone! So I've switched to an Iphone XR and the only thing I'm missing is the ability to plug in my phone via usb and control it through my computer. I was using SCRCPY on my android device. Is there such a program/app for iOS devices?
  6. MrBaker89

    Move iOS not working

    So I’ve just picked up my iPhone XR and I cannot get move iOS to work I’ve been at it for hours. The android device tries to connect to the iPhone looks successful but then pops up on the android device saying start again connection interrupted. Does anyone know of another way for me to to copy over my photos and contacts that’s pretty much all I want to save from my android.
  7. MrBaker89

    Design laptop choice

    Apologies I forgot to mention she already has a LG ips 99% srgb monitor to output too.
  8. MrBaker89

    Design laptop choice

    She's really not bothered about form factor etc
  9. MrBaker89

    Design laptop choice

    Budget is £700. Nope no preference on weight or battery life
  10. MrBaker89

    Design laptop choice

    I'm leaning towards the Msi i5 H and gtx 1050
  11. Hey everyone, My partner has just started doing her design business and I want to get her a better laptop than she has now. Ive found 2 choices in my budget Msi gf62 i5-830H / gtx 1050 2gb / 8gb ddr4 / tb hdd Lenovo 3320s i7-8550u / iris HD 620 / 8gb ram /512gb SSD She uses mainly Adobe illustrator and photoshop. Which is going to be best for her?
  12. MrBaker89

    SCRCPY Issue

    Evening people, So I've got SCRCPY running on my work computer using my Mate 20 pro. Everything works okay apart from when I'm on the lock screen if I swipe up it just shows the fingerprint button at the bottom of the screen but doesn't display the unlock by pin code screen but if I look at my phone it shows the correct screen? I've tried everything I can think off to solve this issue but to no avail :(
  13. MrBaker89

    Huawei p20 Pro unlock?

    Its on contract I got it through a third party company
  14. MrBaker89

    Huawei p20 Pro unlock?

    Evening guys! Got the new mate 20 Pro so giving my partner my p20 Pro but she is on ee and not Vodafone. Vodafone say they can't unlock it... And I'm bothered about getting scammed with these online places. Does anyone know a legitimate site or method to network unlock it?
  15. MrBaker89

    Iphone XS max or wait till 2019

    I am definitely not a brand snob by any means. I have nothing in the apple ecosystem currently. All I want is a powerful device capable of photo editing, database work, good multi tasking etc