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  1. oh 100%, will post my finding and results for anyone willing to do this in the future.
  2. Hoping someone can point me in the correct direction What im hoping to do is setup a generic shared mail box in office 365 exchange with a heap of Alias attached to them with a forward rule applied based on witch alias it was sent to, My think is as followed - when a email arrives into the shared mailbox with its original destination being abc@domain, it forwards off to abc@hotmail (each alias will forward onto a different email address) the alias can be easily managed by an excel spread sheet (or other easy to manage database) then uploaded or sync via powershell or microsoft flow. i know i can just setup new email accounts\ shared mail boxes for each individual account and apply a forwards to them, but wounding if the purposed way is possible, as this will help keep the portal somewhat clean any suggestions, info, or links to ideas will be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi i have a minor issue and not even the Microsoft form know how to fix it simalar issue: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windowslive/forum/livemail-sync/wlm-will-only-sync-all-day-events-with-hotmail/5d90be28-d7c3-4352-8405-d66fe706c948 i work for a I.T company going around to peoples houses helping them fix there issues today i went to go help a client who is starting up there own home business the agenda was to set up there emails, calendars, and contacts to sync across all devices (in this case a iphone and windows 8 pc) the client was on a heavy budget so i decided to set it up using windows live mail, this is where i issues starts when creating a calendar event on WLM it will only sync if it is a all day event, if you select a appointment time (ie 9:30am- 10:30am) the even doesn't sync (lets call this "timed event") how ever using the iphone and the webgui the syncing works regardless on all devices\applactions when set as a all day event or "timed event " the issue only accrues when using WLM and setting a "Timed Event" does anyone know how to fix this issue. if not would this issue go away if they used outlook (the program) as it works similar to WLM thanks in advance
  4. Hey i think i have a semi corrputred user account on windows 7 when logging into skype it comes up with i\o error, i followed the instructions on skype to but the error still comes up (even after reinstalling) i also have troubles scanning from my brother mfc-j470dw when using the "scan to file" options. where the defualt program (control-center or something) errors out on me non of these issues happen on a new user account wounding if there is a quick and easy way to fix this issues instead migrating everything over to the new user Kind Regards
  5. i should also mention that after ripping she compresses them down to mkv format, she already uses airplay while at work and loves how easy it is to use i know from personal use, streaming a 25gb file to a ipad (using airplay) and using the the hdmi thing that apple has, the quality is outstanding, barely any down sampling but knowing mum she would hate having to plug her ipad into the tv every time she wants to watch a movie, and having to get up and walk to it everytime she wants to pause it, even though this is what shes doing already with her bluray player
  6. thank you for your awnser as this idea is great and will work, knowing my mother, she wouldn't like that fact of using a keyboard and mouse to navigate through her movies what i was hoping is for her to pick a movie on off the server (on her ipad) and have it show up on the tv, with great quality
  7. im not sure if it belongs in this thread im setting up my mums home network and wanting it to be easy for her to use, for her to come home, turn on the tv, and pick what movie she wants to watch using her ipad with out getting called every 5mins saying its not working (i think most of use have been there) and also make do with what she already has and what shes use to ive decided that i wanna get her an apple TV (3rd gen) she has an ipad (2nd gen) all her movies are blue rays, rip onto a local server (as a backup) what im wanting to know is, (using airplay app) would she be able to stream hd content to the apple tv with out to much down sampling or "lag"
  8. been looking at these 2 items for my pc too thinking of going with the zxr since the features it comes with its more inline with what i intend on using it for but kinda confused into why the zxr doesn't need extra power compared to the essence one, you would think that 2 dedicated sound processing cpus would need more then the 75w off the motherboard to provided the 124db snr and 600oms power to audiophile grade headphones.
  9. Hi forum xonar essence stx or sound blaster z series? if you had to choose one what would you pick and why Edit: look at what features they come with
  10. would you suggest a xonar essence one as a good dac\amp since i have a peer of old pa speakers lying around that uses xlr input (i am looking at new pa speakers\systems to replace them)
  11. WOW thank you Forum, i haven't been able to access the internet lately due to moving house. i am blown away and truly thankful with the amount of feedback you all have given