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  1. @Wolfycapt That's the exact same as me at the moment
  2. @jstudrawa I wish I could but as mentioned above in the UK we don't have outlets that have those size displays on show, I could always ask for a demo and see if they comply if so that would be a major help in making a personally informed decision
  3. @homeap5 I don't wear glasses and have pretty good vision (since optometrists haven't tried selling me anything... yet) and I pretty much always play in a well lit environment as focused/ task lighting is bad for extended periods of time. As for larger text as you mention that can always be scaled up in windows if needed. It's a shame In the UK we don't really have any stores with a wide range of displays out for show so I can make informed decisions
  4. Hi All, At the moment I have a 1080p 22" 60hz monitor and I am looking to upgrade to a 1440p 144hz monitor I have seen some at the 32" curved size for around £40 more then a 27" monitor. I sit around 2ft away from my monitor but as I would be vesa mounting if needed I could move the 32" further away if needed. So overall should I go with a 32" inch curved or save a few pennies and get a 27"
  5. Hi All, I have been browsing around for ideas for a new monitor and I am wondering a few things namely if I should stick to buying a 1080p 144hz monitor or going for a 1440p 144hz monitor as right now I only have a GTX 1060 6GB and an I5-7500 which as far as I'm aware will not be the best paired with a 1440p monitor. Now nothing is set in stone just yet I most likely will be upgrading the PC at some point in the near future as to why I'm thinking of going for a 1440p monitor as right now I probably wouldn't be pushing that resolution but after an upgrade I definitely should. So overall my question is what monitor recommendations would you give if I were to go for the 1440p 144hz?
  6. @Vishera @WereCatf So I actually have an answer for this now it turns out the DRM on the disc for the game is outdated and will not run on windows 10 at all as there is no support for updates beyond windows 7 maybe 8 so any older game running starforce DRM is pretty much dead in the water for windows 10 which sucks. But hey at least I have an answer now and really wish I didn't give away the old PC
  7. Ok so I have tried that and sadly it doesn't work so I guess it's to put this game to one side and look for the console version. Thanks for your help though I appreciate it
  8. Just Looked at GOG but sadly it's not there, the only thing I can say about the installation is it did never ask me for the verification key inside the box which it normally asks for when you start the installation process. Stupid question would compatibility mode work with that?
  9. Hi all, So I have decided to reinstall some old PC DVD ROM games I have and they all run great (besides some gamepad and widescreen mods) but I get to one game and it seems to install as it should but when I run the .exe it asks for the PC to be rebooted to finish installation which is fine. But that's when the PC gets stuck in a constant Windows Automatic Repair with a message of " D:\WINDOWS\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt " and the only solution I have so far is to do a system restore from a couple days ago. Granted the PC works fine once it's finished but I'm wondering if there is a solution to finish the games installation or if it's a dead game now. Apologies if I'm missing any other information out. Regards, Midgitwarrior
  10. well ok nevermind i will keep this post open a few days just so people can see what i did to fix this issue. because it was just a random thought i had, but if someone knows why this happens i would love to know, but i unconnected the 3 system fans i had, all molex connected fans, dont ask me ask the pre-built company when it was bought a few years ago and voila pc turns on as intended and all 3 fans turn on aswell, its a very duhhh moment for me but at least i can now add it to my knowledge of things to look for on a non working pc
  11. Hello All, I had just built a secondary PC using parts i had lying around for awhile for a general home use case or maybe used to take the load off when i stream. but as i come to turn it on the debug light for the cpu flashes for 1 second and the cpu fans spin during that then the pc switches itself off again. I have checked for any bent pins, all power connectors have been re-connected. and there isnt much else i can think off besides maybe a dead cpu. Thanks to any and all who help, Regards, Midgitwarrior
  12. Ok then total N00B question, but whats the difference between x8 and x16?
  13. yeah i feel like a total dunce right now. pretty much anything around £100 obviously cheaper is better but floating around that will be fine
  14. Hello again. @LukeSavenije I have a i5-7500 currently a gtx1050ti but upgrading soon and i don't need a fancy MOBO just one that does the job and isn't flashy has at least 2 PCIE X16 slots and in £ sterling please.