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  1. Solved the problem Turns out there was also NSSM specifically to restart it after it was killed thus blocking my ability to delete it. Fixed it now, thanks for help
  2. As the title says I am very conspicous about this process eating almost exactly 20% of my CPU all the time. Tried manually deleting it but it was impossible due to the fact the right after I killed this process it restarted doing the exact same thing. Any help would be welcome as I don't want to feed someones mining dreams
  3. Had experience with the MSI B350 PC Mate and a Ryzen 5 1600. These motherboards are pretty weak on top of imo pretty terrible memory controller on the CPUs themselves (given how much they benefit from faster RAM) and it was impossible for me to get Corsair 16GB 3200Mhz kit to run 100% stable even @2933Mhz with no overclock to the CPU whatsoever...
  4. about X299E-ITX

    To be honest I'm fairly interested in how this board would handle something like an 7980XE or at least 7960X given it's tiny in comparison to something like an R6E power delivery system
  5. You need a new motherboard because the thrid PCIe slot on this board is PCI-E gen 2 and at only x2 speed. The minimum you need for SLi is 8x
  6. Upgrade 6800K to 8700K

    If you have nothing to do with your money then sure If not I'd wait for cannonlake
  7. PS4 Pro freezing issue

    Ok for now it looks like the software was completely broken becase for now all I had to do is YOLO it and reinitiate the PS4 (thank god the saves backed up to PS Plus not like last time) and everything works as it's supposed to Thanks for the replies @StevenMattera @ono. Cheers guys and fingers crossed it doesn't break again
  8. PS4 Pro freezing issue

    So long story short after I moved apartments my PS4 was turned on once (and it worked just fine) and then disconnected because I had to redo my gaming PC and the desk. After plugging it back in it started freezing randomly (sometimes after few minutes sometimes even as short as freezing on the epilepsy alert) The only fixes I've done so far was rebuilding the database. Not sure if the software is broken or the harddrive is dying (don't really want to do that as I'm not sure whether my saves are backed up or not) Any help is welcome
  9. Doesn't the 1800X already boost to 4.0? And some better motherboards usually set their default profile to max turbo on all cores not just on one so there is a chance you just overclocked your CPU by a whole 0
  10. Coffee Lake built in graphics

    Probably Intel UHD630 which is going to probably be very similar in performance to HD530
  11. Z906 Cant play 5.1

    Optical ports dont benefit from better audio capacitors and all that stuff because of one reason- It's fully digitial that means that all the processing happens inside the Z906 all that your PC has to do is put the data through that cable. The issue with the cable is that it doesn't have enough bandwidth to put uncompressed audio in 6 channels (which is 5.1) and it is only capable to put through 2 channels of audio (I don't really know what kind of witchcraft happens with Dolby Atmos and stuff like that but it compresses it in some magical way [definitely not magical I just haven't learned how they do that yet] that you get 5.1 and up). And that's the problem with games because the motherboard has to do a live encoding to the Dolby standard (movies already have it done so the only thing the soundcard has to do with it is to send it through that cable). And this is what DTS Interactive essentialy is. It is a standard of live encoding audio to send it to the receiver (which in this case is the Z906). The problem with that is most manufacturers of motherboards don't include the certificate (because it costs them money and there aren't many people that care about that) and as such DTS Interactive is disabled using software. There are two solutions to the problem a)Get a different motherboard (basically form what I researched only ASUS Prime/ TUF motherboards have this because the ROG boards don't have it since Maximus VI days [don't quote me on that]) b)Get the cheapest possible soundcard that specifically has DTS Interactive certificate (you don't need anything fancy because the signal is digital so nothing inside the PC makes it worse and there's no need to overpay for more expensive cards and from what I see the STRIX RAID DLX card doesn't have DTS Interactive) c)Modify the drivers - Was able to do that on Windows 7 but wasn't able to do the same on Windows 10 (Don't know wheter win 10 has this fixed or because win 10 has known issues with DTS/Dolby working on some versions and as such the drivers didn't utimately work[ from my experience was able to get the prompts in setting but they didn't work) Don't worry your motherboard is fine they just don't include the certificate And finally It is kind of impossible to write about the difference in sound quality but what I can tell is that the speakers are louder the bass is better movies sound richer (just my personal experience) TL:DR Use analog 3.5mm cables to get 5.1 everywhere, Fiddle with DTS Interactive, realtek drivers, get a DTS Interactive certified soundcard for cheap In case of more questions ask them and I'll try to answer them as fast and as well as I can Hope it helped somewhat Just in case if looking for a soundcard to buy or a new mobo or smth look for these (in pics)
  12. Z906 Cant play 5.1

    Sorry for the delay I had to leave my house The easiest way to get 5.1 in everything is through 3.5mm cables. All you need is 3 of them total. You can go to a shop buy 3 regular 3.5mm cables and connect them accordingly and it will all work just fine. Personally I used the optical cable because it gave better sound overall and the speakers needed less power to be as loud as on analog. From what I see with your motherboard the only way to get 5.1 in games is through 3.5mm jacks because this motherboard doesnt support DTS Interactive (Though I know one of my friends was able to mod the driver and unlock this feature and get it working but it was back in the Win 7 days) In your case your optical port is able to output only preencoded 5.1 stuff (DTS/Dolby movies because the optical cable itselft doesn't have enough bandwidth to push through not compressed 5.1 and windows drops it then automatically to stereo) In my experience when I had my old motherboard I connected the speakers both with an optical and 3.5mm and switched between them accordingly (but it was really not that necessary) to get 5.1 in games and better sound quality in movies through SPDIF.
  13. Z906 Cant play 5.1

    From what I see your motherboard doesn't support DTS Interactive and that makes it that when you use the optical cable everything will still be stereo except preencoded DTS Dolby stuff (like movies for example)
  14. Z906 Cant play 5.1

    All the speakers have regular speaker cables that can be easily replaced And as I said when you plug in one 3.5mm cable the speakers fake 5.1 (all 5 speakers play some kind of sound but ultimately it is still stereo and the audio positioning is basically none)
  15. Z906 Cant play 5.1

    I own the Z906 and you have to connect all 3.5mm plugs in order to get all 5 speakers to work properly (green is for front black for rear orange for center and sub). If you only connect one the console will most probably change to 3D mode (which is spreading 2 channels to 5 with a mediocre at best result). Also in order to get hardware decoding you have to use one of the optical outputs and that will still only work in movies(that already have audio decoded to Dolby or DTS of some sort). For live encoding you need a motherboard or a soundcard that supports either DTS Interactive DTS Connect or Dolby Digital Live in order to get 5.1 in everything. Hope that helped somewhat.