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  1. but some games really benefit from the 10-bit color, and wouldn't it affect and lower the fps if i changed the color range from limited to full?
  2. What does Cryptocurrency mining have to do with the increase in GPUs prices ?!
  3. i'm still thinking of upgrading the monitor and the GPU so i still haven't decided yet !
  4. what's the difference between Freesync & G-sync ? Freesync has a connectivity advantage through Freesync over HDMI . While Nvidia has integrated ultra low motion blur ( ULMB ) , but the main downside to ( ULMB ) is that it can't be used in conjunction with G-sync. in other words, you need to choose between variable refresh rates withought stuttering and tearing, or high clarity and low motion blur. so which is better? or what would make anyone choose one over the other ?!
  5. but usually the GPU is at 98/100% and the CPU is at 37/45% . i mean generally the GPU uses all of its power but the CPU doesn't . i think this is not a problem !
  6. how to know that a CPU will bottleneck a GPU or vice versa ?!!
  7. this is why i hate Nvidia ! they fuckin control the whole bloody market !!!!!
  8. i know intel coffee lake is much better than ryzen now but some reviews said they get some shut downs in multi threaded performance due to the core bigger number of cores in Ryzen !
  9. i think it is gonna take too long to release a graphics card that can run 4K/120 ! i think what your trying to say that Ryzen will somehow bottleneck the GPU, right ?! but some reviews said that some people still get some shut downs with intel in multi-threaded performance !!
  10. how long have you been using it ? and how long do you think it needs a change ?!
  11. it looks great , and much lighter than the R1 ultimate ! the R1 ultimate is the better option for less CPU Temperature but it's so heavy it would put some stress on the MB right ?! i'll mainly use it for ryzen 7 1700x or i7 8700k ( Default clock speed ) haven't decided yet which one im gonna get
  12. RKRiley what do you recommend ?! i was thinking the Cryorig R1 ultimate . but it's kinda heavy and as you said this might put some stress on the motherboard i don't know ! any suggestions ?!