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  1. The FBI doesn't give a damn what "cookiebiscuit" is doing in his spare time. It's amazing that people actually think the FBI is watching their every move.
  2. I wouldn't recommend open back sennheisers to someone looking at Beats. Limited bass and open so he'll hear everything around him, and everyone around him will hear his music.
  3. Bowers and Wilkins p7s are my favorite set around that price point. They come in wired and wireless. I would also definitely test audiotecnicas before choosing them, especially coming from Beats. I find beats to be way more comfortable. Stay away from the beats pros. They're rubbish compared to the rest of the lineup. Apple upgraded the entire line of beats to be much higher quality but they have not touched the pros. Still the same old crap. The solo 3s and new studios are great.
  4. I know, same principle though except instead of the task bar for me its health bars and mini maps. If if you auto hide the task bar you'll be fine.
  5. I have an oled tv and game for hours. Never had an issues with burn in
  6. Yes because the chump in the produce department is probably making $8 an hour and may occasionally get to talk to a customer about an intel related product if he's called over there. Intel gives this person the ability to afford a high end cpu if he so desires. You sit around fixing things not influencing the sale of intel processors and likely make way more than him. I no longer get these deals, but I make 3x what I did when I was eligible for them so the extra couple hundred is nothing in comparison.
  7. Oh god. I want a vive so bad but is it worth twice as much for better room sensing?
  8. I built this solid wood desk myself for half the price the IKEA Micke desk costs (the desk I tried out before)
  9. Fair enough, when I spend a significant sum on my PC and peripherals, I want to put it on something thats more substantial than what is literally painted paper.
  10. They do. Anyway, if your budget is $10,000 I certainly would not be looking at headphones. You are going to see massive plateaus because headphones can only be so good. I have around $20,000 in audio sitting in my living room, you aren't going to get the full body experience tower speakers and a dedicated subwoofer give you in any set of cans. So to me, the $1600 I spent on my Sennheisers is the max I would consider (and even then, I hardly ever use them because they do not measure up).
  11. I love that Creative is trying to pass off those as "high end speakers audiophile quality" in the tagline. Anyway, don't use the logitech sub. Its going to make the sound very muddy because you can't dial it in with the speakers. When you typically connect a subwoofer to speakers that didn't come with one, you have a receiver that can manage it.
  12. I've used enough IKEA stuff to realize that its a waste of money. Absolute garbage quality.
  13. Every retail employee on the planet pretty much. These deals sell out every year despite the requirements. Its one of the things I miss, though I'm still rocking a 5930k that I got for $170 a couple years ago
  14. I wouldn't spend money on an amp or dac for 598 cs. Sure it will make a difference but that money could have been used to just buy better headphones. First off, why do you need an amp? Are you not getting enough volume from them? If they aren't loud enough as is I worry for your hearing.
  15. People who say this are so ignorant. Obviously a raspberry pi is going to play more games and be a bit cheaper. But I'm sure a massive amount of people want this because it's a collectors item. I will buy this for the same reason I bought two nes classics, because it looks exactly like an old snes with the exact same controller. I don't want something that looks like a fake. It's a collectors item.