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  1. Show off your latest purchase!

    New Subwoofer day. SB16 Ultra.
  2. Oppo Digital Ceasing development of new products

    I buy 4k bluray discs and bought an Oppo because I want the best possible quality. Netflix is there, piracy is also there, but at the end of the day the physical disc will look and sound better. Even regular blurays, if you have an Oppo, look tremendous because of its upscaler. None of that is available on a pirated .mp4 or on netflix. I blow people's minds when they come over to watch Game of Thrones and I have the physical discs and my oppo. It looks so much better than it does on the HBO app its insane. But it seems like more and more people are sacrificing quality for convenience and price.
  3. Oppo Digital Ceasing development of new products

    Got Theos speakers in the front and Motion 15s in the back right now. Trying to do impressions at the end of the year and move my Theos to the surround left and right. See how big my holiday paychecks are haha.
  4. Oppo Digital Ceasing development of new products

    Most people stream but when you have a nice setup you want the best possible quality. I didn’t buy a 4K Oled and Martin Logan electrostatic speakers to watch compressed content. People like us, the enthusiasts are in the minority though.
  5. https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2018/04/02/oppo-shock-popular-av-brand-announces-that-its-time-to-say-goodbye/#577bd3d93acc Very sad day. OPPO made the best video players on the market with superb build quality and with fantastic customer support. Guess the market just wasn't there for the higher end product. I love my UDP203 and hate to think that my next player might have to be made of cheap plastic from the likes of Sony or Samsung.
  6. Audio Quality

    I've done it with plenty of songs. My favorite one actually is The Freedom Song by Jason Mraz. On tidal HIFI with my receiver at -10 I get beautifully punchy bass and crisp un distorted horns and voice with amazing separation from the left to the right to you can hear the horns and the female vocals and Jason's voice all distinctly and point to each one. On Apple music, the sound stage is shrunk. Everything sounds like its coming from the middle with only slight separation. The bass loses a lot of emphasis and the horns sound distorted like it's struggling to play at that volume and the female vocals and Jason's vocals blend together into the same space and no longer appear to be coming from different parts of the soundstage.
  7. Audio Quality

    I subscribe to both Apple Music and HIFI Tidal music monthly. I've switched back and forth between the same song on the two and there is a massive difference. I've done blind tests with friends and everyone can hear the difference. No changes, no volume adjustments, no equalizers. Just play on tidal. Pause. Play on apple music. Pause and back and forth. Granted I do have an audio setup that costs in the realm of $20,000 (sig) so your mileage may vary.
  8. Best audiophile headphones for gaming? 300$~

    I would do the new Sennheiser HD 599s. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/sennheiser-hd-599-over-the-ear-headphones-hd-5-brown-ivory-matte-metallic/5701600.p?skuId=5701600 The headphones are open and have a tremendous soundstage for the price. Extremely comfortable for long wearing sessions.
  9. Is FLAC Music Worth It?

    I’m sure you can. I can on the 558s as well but the drivers in them are not good enough to give you all of the information you lose going from flac to mp3. You just get some. Like me I said you do not have to pay attention to the song to hear the difference on a truly hifi system, it sounds better and you will immediately notice. On something like $150-200 headphones you probably can tell the difference but you need to pay close attention.
  10. Is FLAC Music Worth It?

    Considering the $10,000 Martin Logan’s are only their middle of the road speaker not really. They have a 15k, a couple 25ks and an 80k pair.
  11. burn cd for hi-fi system

    What brand is the "hi fi setup" and is it proprietary? If its a good brand and not proprietary you can just buy a new preamp/avr for it and that will let you connect your speakers to the PC through HDMI. As far as burning the google play songs, I'm not sure what quality Google Play songs are but I can guarantee you that it isn't "hi fi". It's probably 256 or 320. If you do want to explore hi fi I'd look into tidal. They offer streaming at CD quality and better.
  12. Is FLAC Music Worth It?

    Depends on what I’m listening on. I can absolutely tell the different between an mp3 and a flac file if I’m using my $10,000 Martin Logan’s. It’s night and day. It’s not even something you have to try to listen to. If I’m listening on my Sennheiser HD558s though not really. They aren’t good enough to really show off hi res audio. The new Tidal masters collection is something I highly recommend. Some of the best I’ve heard from a digital source.
  13. NBA 2k is not an arcade basketball game like NBA jam. It’s a simulation game and as such is meant to be realistic. It will kill immersion if you make a guy and he gets worse the more you play it. Plain and simple. At the end of day that’s the only way to achieve what you are saying. The game doesn’t even have a true end. You play until you decide to retire and go into the HOF if you earned it. The Golden State warriors are probably the toughest team in the game to play against. Since 2k uses the real nba schedule you may play them early and often or only twice a season later on. Your progression wouldn’t work.
  14. Well the only people complaining are the ones who can't max out their stats at age 21 in their first season. Seems pretty casual to me. That was line was also meant to be a joke but whatever.
  15. I'm looking at my PS4 right now. All hair, facial hair and colors are 100 VC. Some clothing is expensive but its meant to be. You don't want every MyPlayer running around with rolex watches on. And yes, the least VC I've gotten this year in MyCareer has been 650VC. I've played 20 games. Depending on how well you do it goes up or down. Hell even if it was 500VC per game (which it isn't) you would max your guy in four seasons. That seems pretty damn realistic to me since NBA players typically hit their prime between the ages of 25-28. In MyGM the reward is 500VC per game for a loss and 650VC per game for a victory with no way to change it and I haven't tried myleague this year yet. You seem like one of those guys who wants to be Michael Jordan in their first season. Go be casual somewhere else.