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  1. I disagree. All Bethesda open world games actually have fairly small worlds compared to other open worlds. I'm afraid that if they increased the land mass drastically, it would greatly lower the quality of the world and hurt diversity. I'd rather have a small but densely packed world with lots to do and explore.
  2. Wouldn't be surprised if ES: 6 just take some place in Skyrim again with how much Bethesda seems to love it.
  3. Well I'll raise my hand then. Though I do plan on switching to a 4K projector eventually
  4. Well it depends. I have a $25,000 high end living room. You will likely spend more on audio than the TV. If you want good audio. I got a 65in 4K oled back when they were still $6000 and the rest is in audio. I would look at the z9 from Sony, the Sony oled and the lg oleds. I think the Samsung tvs are crap. Go into any magnolia Best Buy and they'll have them all out so you can choose. I still like lgs oleds the most. For speakers, I love Martin Logan but it is pricey. I still only have a 2.2 setup. Again this is going to be personal preference. There are a dozen speaker companies in the same price range. Stay away from home theater in a box and sound bars. Walk into a magnolia and demo speakers. I went with a pair of Martin Logan Theos speakers and two svs sb 2000 subs. I have an hdmi cable from my PC to my receiver, and then from my receiver to my TV. I also have an Xbox one s connected as a 4K blue ray player. For receivers and amplifiers, it depends on the speakers you choose. My setup:
  5. I will say, I bought my 65in oled for $6000 for my home theater and gaming and have not regretted it one bit. One of my all time favorite purchases.
  6. Unfortunately I am using older Nvidia drivers because the newer ones break HDR support in PC games. Yup. Why does nothing ever work right 100% of the time =(. I'll just use my TV's netflix app for the time being until NVIDIA and Microsoft figure stuff out.
  7. Yes, I specifically chose the premium option when I signed up. I also have gigabit internet so thats a non issue as well.
  8. Strange. Its definitely not showing in 4k in my edge browser. There is leagues of difference in quality on OITNB on my TVs netflix app vs my PC connected to my receiver. Well my TVs netflix app supports 4k and HDR. I just like being able to play Overwatch on my main screen and have netflix duplicated on my secondary monitor and up on my TV in 4k. (Monitor for me so I can see it while I play overwatch and on TV for my Fiancée sitting on the couch).
  9. Really the requirements are Creators Update (that's fine), Microsoft Edge (well I can set Netflix as my homepage and ignore the browser for everything else), a solid nvidia graphics card (not sure why Netflix needs this but I've got a 1080ti so ok), and a fucking kabylake chip. Doesn't matter which one. My 5930k is faster than most of the kabylake chips on the market. My damn LG OLEDs built in Netflix app can run 4k and HDR just fine with the terrible processor that's built into the TV. This is literally nothing more than Netflix and Intel trying to force you to upgrade unnecessarily. Gah.
  10. I don't know about most people, but I think apples screen ratio is the best for book reading and surfing the net. I have a nexus 10 as well that's 16:10 and the iPads screen ratio is way better for what I use a tablet for.
  11. I like this! Anything else similar? Otherwise this is right up my alley
  12. Hey I'm looking for a large extended mouse pad for my desk but it seems like every single one has a big logo or name in the corner which I think destroys the appearance of it. I'm looking for one that's either plain or I'm even fine if there is a design or picture on it.
  13. I got my Eagle Scout ten years ago by creating a 1.5 mile loop trail. Tons and tons of work and man hours.
  14. I'm so happy 2k has essentially pioneered every company into adding in a real cinematic story mode to sports games.
  15. Which is why I said hdmi is better. It may be the same sound for 2 channel, but I don't use two channel. My PC is a home theater PC and I use it to play blu rays as well as gaming.