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    Asux X99 Deluxe
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    32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4
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  1. That's on wifi. If I directly connect I get gigabit.
  2. Thank you so much! I was not expecting it to be that good, but it's 75,000 VC. About $20 worth of in game currency.
  3. Finally got my stuff out of my parents house and into my own! Home theater gear Two Martin Logan Theos Electrostatic Speakers SVS SB2000 subwoofer Marantz 7010 receiver LG65in OLED PC CPU: 5930k GPU: 1080ti Asus x99 deluxe board 1TB Samsung 960pro SSD 2x 4TB external hard drives in the drawers 16gb of Corsair Dominator Platinum ram Yes that is a real deer head!
  4. While I wait for the RMA one thing did strike me. The CPU is only compatible with a bios update. The board says as of bios 2002 it's compatible which came out in september. According to a sticker on the board, I'm fairly certain that the bios was 2002 since the last four digits on the sticker were 2002. Even if if that wasn't correct though, and the bios wasn't updated, wouldn't the fans still spin and leds turn on and I'd just get a "CPU not compatible message before post" surely wouldn't cause the no life symptom right?
  5. Yeah absolutely no life. I am going to have her RMA the Motherboard, CPU and PSU. All bases covered.
  6. I did the paper clip test. The case fans turned on but nothing on the board did.
  7. Yeah nothing. I unplugged everything and replugged it all in. Everything clicked. Haven't even been able to get the brief life to replicate itself.
  8. Case power switch, GPU, cpu, ram, 8pin and 24pin and gpu power connectors
  9. So oddly enough I held the motherboard by the CPU heatsink and lifted it vertically to check the back of it from the box and the fan began spinning and the GPU light began flickering off and on quickly. It remained on till I switched the powerswitch on the PSU to off again. Does this mean something isn't plugged in all the way? I'm fairly certain the 24pin and 8pin are both in securely.
  10. Well right now I have it on the motherboard box so definitely not.
  11. This isn't my pc and I didn't choose the parts! Its a 980ti i5 7500 8gb of ram b150 asus board (according to the sticker on the board it has the 2002 bios for kabylake) refurbished PSU from corsair. 600watt (this is what has me worried!) everything purchased from Newegg.
  12. No no fumes. GPU lit up very briefly. Fans spun very briefly. Then nothing. No matter what I do I can't get any life to it now.
  13. Think that's the power supply? Literally get no life. No lights or fans turn on. Cpu psu cable and motherboard cables are in. Gpu is in. Gpu psu cables are in. The power switch and leds are connected. Ram and CPU are in.