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  1. Lmao okay, friend was asking and i didnt find any information yet on it.
  2. Will there be a new Threadripper cpu from the 5000 series ?
  3. I have a Dell D2719HGF 27.0 for monitor, i am looking for a nice arm that is not to expensive to clear up my desk. If anyone got suggestions i would be making the purchase on amazon.ca most likely.
  4. I am looking for a monitor arm that will be stable on a cheap desk... the desk is stable but its about half a inch to 3/4 of a inch thick.
  5. Paying in canadian dollars looking at 300$ budget would like 144hz and 27inch. I already have one Dell D2719HGF so would like something similar. Also looking for a dual monitor arm for a thin desk. Looking for ideas on what to buy.
  6. All their security issues and the rumor that ampere gpu will run off gen 4 cpie and so on was what i was going with. Also if a 4950 comes out it will most likely close on the single core performance gap.
  7. so the 4950 should be out from amd then.... i might try to go for that over intel as intel has been a shitshow lately.
  8. Anyone knows if we are expecting new cpus in 2020 as i am looking to change my personal rig ... 2600x with rtx 2060 for a ampere gpu and looking at new possible cpus.
  9. xven

    Looking for a desk

    but at that price i want something insane lol
  10. xven

    Looking for a desk

    i can do max 1000 to 1250$
  11. xven

    Looking for a desk

    would have to be a online purchase as everything is closed... and yes like a normal desk but the looks that those standing desks gets.
  12. xven

    Looking for a desk

    i would like something easy to make as my dyi skills are terrible lol
  13. So i am looking for a desk that is pretty big, if possible 72inch long ... I am looking for something that is like those standing desk without being one, i also do not want to pay over 1000$ for it and i would like a desk with a nice quality wood desk top.
  14. my bad i had the wrong cpu on the list, i have the evga ftw3 ultra gaming not the other on listed on top