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  1. Overpriced is a relative term. I bought the airpods Max to replace my XM4s and the sound quality difference is night and day.
  2. I have 6TB of SSD in my PC. 20TB of external storage. I just bought a 14tb external hard drive to have a back up of my two other external hard drives and my PCs entire storage as well. Its outrageous how much prices on this stuff have fallen. The 12tb external hard drive was $180.
  3. You may want to look into docking stations if you require that many USB ports. It substantially limits the laptops you can choose from.
  4. They're all basically the same aside from the cooler used and the customer service you might need to use down the line. Some higher end cards will be factory overclocked or run cooler allowing you to overclock them yourself. Realistically, they're almost all going to be within 5% of each other performance wise.
  5. I just got a 3080 for $699 from Best Buy on friday. Keep your eyes out and you'll eventually find one for MSRP. It took me about three weeks between when I decided I wanted to get a 3080 to when I was able to order one.
  6. So glad I got a 3080FE for $699 this past friday. Just happened to be scrolling through Best Buy's website during a restock.
  7. I just built a new PC and want to make sure this is alright. I have an H440 case which is definitely not great for airflow. I have the stock three intake fans in the front, the stock exhaust fan in the back and added three exhaust fans on the top. My CPU cooler is the noctua NHD15 using one fan (2nd would not fit). While idling my temps are fine, between 40-55. When gaming though, my CPU very quickly will reach 100C and back off to 80-90 periodically going to 100C again. I've reset and reapplied past to my NH-D15 already. My room does get warm and my PC is about three
  8. I just upgraded my PC from the 5930k to the 10700K, so now I have an X99 board and CPU I'm not using. My wife currently has an i5 7500 and I'm thinking about swapping her board and CPU for my x99/5930k. Her GPU is a 1080ti. Is this worth doing?
  9. 32in is way too small for 12-15ft away. Like I sit 6.5ft away from a 65in OLED and I'm thinking about going to a 77. Are you sure its actually 12-15ft?
  10. This. There isn't enough money in the world to get me to switch off my iPhone, I'd sooner keep an old iPhone than switch to a new android phone, and that's not an unpopular opinion with the general apple fanbase.
  11. Hey, This problem just popped up a few weeks ago. I'll load up discord, league or some other game and try to talk. It will work for about one to two minutes and then my mic will stop receiving information. I can verify this by going into sound settings where it says "test your microphone". The bar will not be moving. I can solve this for another two minutes by unplugging and replugging in the mic or by switching my input device to something and then back to the blue yeti. But within a minute or so it just immediately goes silent again. I've uninstalled an
  12. I have the G7, you can turn the lights on, off, set them to rainbow, breathing, etc etc. Full control over it. It also doesn't look bad, the lights are far subtler than they look in pictures.
  13. More immersive. I have a 65in OLED and sit about 7ft away from it. I'm planning on replacing it with a 77in this year for the same distance. In my subjective opinion, you want the largest screen you can have where, at the distance you sit, you don't need to turn your head left/right. That's perfect immersion. I would also not consider a 50-55in TV big. That's normal these days.
  14. Yeah, I've copied the settings from a few poeple that claimed to have dialed it in correctly. The profiles I copied just ramped up the saturation and contrast and made everything look artifical.
  15. I’m currently using a Dell 2716 1440p/144hz/TN monitor and I’m finding myself not wanting to play games on it anymore. It’s wonderful for Overwatch because of how smooth it is but the actual color is poor. Completely washed out with terrible black levels. I’m looking at the new monitors floating around today. Ideally I want a monitor sized oled but we are probably still a ways off from that. How are the LG ultra gear monitors? I’ve been looking at them, the Acer predators and the new Samsung odyssey monitors. The problem is that no one seems to agree on what’s good or bad.