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    i5 4960k
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    Asrock Z97-e
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    16GB Gskill Trident X
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    MSI R9 295x2
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    Corsair Air 240
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    Samsung 500GB 850evo + Crucial 100mx 960GB
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    EVGA 1000W G2
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    Samsung IPS 1440p
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    Corsair K65 cherry MX red
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    Logitech g600
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    Windows 10

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  1. Do you know what his workloads are? No you do not. I think everyone on LTT has forgotten that you can do more than just game on a PC.
  2. VRMs will get hot on either board when overclocking, my old gigabyte 990-fxa ud3 had really small heatsinks and didn't do a good job, Gigabyte has since fixed their newer boards with much bigger heatsinks and even a heat pipe so it will be fine.
  3. His Evolv isn't doing him any favours, with what looks like a single intake and his rads running exhaust, but we can't see the front fans so those could be intakes. He could probably get slightly better temps running the back fan as exhaust and the rads as intakes, especially if his front rad is intake, he is pulling warm air from the front and running it through the top rad. Also the 780 and 390 may have the same TDP, but that does not mean they put out the same amount of heat. The chips are a different architecture, different die size and have different VRM solutions. Fact is we just can't compare them, the 780 is more efficient and puts out less specific heat. His water temps are high but I put that down to the evolv. I had a 760T with a 290 and 8350 and water temps easily hit 50C with a triple 140mm, dual 140mm and a single 140mm rad with a total of 8 fans at 1400rpm, and that was in a case with lots of airflow. I also had a similar setup with 4x 120mm rad space and 4 fans with a 295x2, and that almost blew up on me it got so hot. People who haven't experienced the heat output fro a hawaii chip probably won't understand how hot they actually get. I don't think his temps will be a problem with actual gaming, and like I said he could improve temps by making all his rads intakes. He could also put a couple more fans on the front rad if he could fit them. Its just his system is at the limit of how much heat it can handle with only 4x 120mm fans/rads. I'm also gonna go out on a limb and assume he is using the EKWB SE slim rads that perform particularly badly at all fan speeds, because thats what it looks like. Check out the relitive performance of the SE rads compared to the rest here.
  4. Hate it when people won't just answer a question. "no, buy a dual core intel instead." Great answer. Both are good mobo's, I own the ASUS M5A99X r2.0 and it's great for overclocking. The gigabyte board looks good as well, go with whatever you like more for looks or brand. I prefer Asus bios' myself so I always go for Asus when possible.
  5. Also pump speed will not affect your temps unless you go below 1gpm (gallon per minute) and you pretty much can't do that with a DDC or D5, so turn it down if you want it to be quieter.
  6. OMG another "I own a 780ti yada-yada" ITS NOT A 390! Can we get someone with a 390 in here?
  7. I don't usually post anymore, but your temps seem normal for the rads you have. When I ran my r9 290 on water with 6x 140mm fans worth of rad space I hit 81C after a test like Unigen. Thats just how much heat the hawaii core puts out, and the 390 series is overclocked from the 290 speeds. Main thing that should concern you is cpu temps, if they stay below the threshold you are fine. Your case is contributing to the high water temps, the evolv has poor airflow due to the panel design, however as long as your liquid is below 60C (you really dont want to run it hotter than that through your pump) you are fine. You will not get as hot after just gaming, only a benchmark should push your temps that high. If you take off the front panel you will probably get a few C drop. If your temps are fine after a benchmark like this you won't get anywhere near that in a game. As for people commenting "I own such-and-such different gpu and different cpu and my temps are such-and-such" don't listen to those people, and I wish they wouldn't post, hardware is all different! Just because a 780ti only hits 55C does not mean the 390 won't hit 80. on almost any air cooler a 290/390 will hit 95C, its normal.
  8. Depends, they are the same core architecture, if the game only uses 4 cores they would be the same. Also depends on the games you are playing, but mostly yes, there will be bottlenecking. Ryzen quad core is supposed to be about $150 and should be a good match for a 480.
  9. I have a d5 in one case that I run full speed, however I padded it with foam. I have another in a build that I have attached with screws directly to the pump-top and that one is quite noisy unless it is set to 1 or 2. (it is a vario) So I don't know if you have a loud pump or if it is the mounting that effects the noise.
  10. Im surprised it boots at all with the ram you have in there. Normally stuff won't work unless you have all the same dimms, IE, all 4gb same type sticks, etc. Try with only one kit.
  11. I know the MSRP has come down, but can someone actually find one for that price? I can't seem to. Would also help if it shipped to canada.
  12. Aluminum is not magnetic. Also I have the same thing on my desk, its called a spray paint can lid with double sided tape on the back. Works great!
  13. If you take out the plate that stops you from putting a 360 rad in the front you can put the pump in the bottom and the 250mm res will fill up the rest of the space. I just bought the case and a bitspower 250mm res for that exact reason.