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  1. Mostly I look on https://allegro.pl/kategoria/podzespoly-komputerowe-zasilacze-259437 but I can't find english version... Also on any shops website -.- in 2021 but european amazon also should be fine.
  2. Problem is that my current psu, in tier list, is in section D... That's why I'm afraid that it won't handle this. Weird thing is that despite X299 this mobo has 1 8pin cpu power connector, what's kinda weird but also suggests, that it won't draw as much power as standard atx form factor boards.
  3. I've changed my setup from i5-4670k@4.5GHz(slightly raised Vcore only) to X299 Micro + i7-7820X, cooled by AIO Fractal Celsius S36. GPU is RTX 2070 Super, 2 SSDs and 2 HDDs, sometimes USB HDD. Now I have Thermaltake Smart SE 630W(it's rather not 80+ version) and I'm afraid that it'll have problems delivering power, so... What will be cheapest way to upgrade? I live in Poland, budget isn't specified(but as cheap as possible), but I want something at least acceptable. CPU rather won't be overclocked, maybe slightly(I don't like, very much, raising voltage more than 0.1V), GPU definitely not(more
  4. I have a problem with choosing new psu. I'm afraid that my Thermaltake Smart SE 630W won't handle my "new" setup(7820X + RTX 2070 Super), and I need something, hm.. cheaper, that won't blow this thing up. I'm 99% sure that cpu won't be changed in next few years(they're expensive, even old ones) and I won't put 2nd gpu in it. What do you suggest? Single rail will be enough? Mobo has only one 8 pin connector, what's weird for LGA2066, but I think that this makes things easier.
  5. Nope, you can't. I've tried recently - because I was too lazy and I knew that there will be no heavy load on this setup. Effect - more heat on cpu. Even cheap paste, but fresh, will be much better than old one...
  6. For starters - it won't be cheap, if you want decent quality PTZ cameras. Also NVR/DVR will be better choice than PC as a recorder(software ain't cheap). Or you can buy something on aliexpress and pray that this'll work when you need it. IMHO - I've recently seen something like Dahua TiOC camera and I'll go for it, then NVR(with built-in PoE switch, or external PoE switch - if you want to power it that way) with WizSense - and you'll have decent quality without spending ton of money. And forget about PTZ, around house it's pointless. Cheaper option is to use analog hardware, it isn
  7. IMO looks better, but one thing doesn't suit whole back - fan color. Maybe painting everything black, like mobo shield, will make it look better? I'm talking about fan cover and gpu shield.
  8. Nope, I can't help you with that - I've sold this CM and changed it to full ATX case :D but stayed with my old mini ITX motherboard xD My friend has bought some Thermaltake case, but it was for micro ATX board... It's nice and not too big, but stilll bigger than CM 130. It's kinda hard to find small and well built mini ITX case, unfortunately you either go small and hard to build or something bigger and well organised setup... :(
  9. Why passthrough holes aren't lined with block inlet and outlet? Slight imperfections could look bad or look good, depends on point of view; I like it. You've designed this case from scratch - and it is awesome - so alingment wasn't a problem, so I'm just wondering... You've motivated me to get back to my printed case project ^^ but it's different. BTW - Gigabyte, Aorus, Team Force and Alphacool - huge congratulations for sponsoring this build, it's VERY nice of you!
  10. Yep. Change your case. I've had this one, airflow is really poor, also cable management is extremely hard - custome one is only way to have it working well. TBH only advantage of this case is 5.25" bay... To keep it cool it'll be loud. Lack of fans and airflow is extremely poor.
  11. I've bought delidded CPU and I've chosen LM over Kryonaut - it was working with direct die cooling. On my AIO I have ofc bare copper, as far as I've seen there's no problem with LM on copper. I think that I'll also flatten surface with sandpapers up to 3000 grit(I'm a bit afraid of using whetstones and uneven surface) on glass. But for now I'm not 100% sure that few degrees are worth possibility of damaging block(but a lot of people used it with it, it's asetek), since I'll need to buy paste aswell... It's confusing
  12. I have 360mm AIO, so it should be enough. I know that LM is conductive(kinda obvious), but theoretically pressed between block and IHS it shouldn't drip... It's a bit confusing also, because some people say, that it could drip and some people say, that it won't drip with cooler mounted properly. I've seen that LM should drop 2-3 degrees compared to Kryonaut, but it was tested few days after application - if it'll be neccessary to look under cooler once a month then it's pointless. Now I just want to use my PC and maybe have fun with OC, not look inside every month... Recently I've had a lot of
  13. Anyone compared both of them BUT after long time of using? Long time IMO is more than 1 year. I've found a lot of test, but more likely after 1 month of using... especially for LM. I know that people who ask about LM aren't supposed to use it, but I'm wondering only about lifespan, not application, temps difference etc. Simply I'm too lazy to look into my PC often or control temps with stress tests etc, just assembly it and forget about it for few months. It's already under IHS, and it won't hurt anything if it'll also be over it Cooler is better, so... And 7820X under load won't be chilly