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  1. Hi guys! Long time no see, huh? Let me give you a bit of backstory: Not long after I completed my NZXT h440 mod (you can find it under build logs... I think it was called NZXT h440 elite), I sold the case to my younger brother for a bargain. Since I'd done a pretty good job of scrathing up the acrylic panel which I'd put on the case, I took it off before selling it to my brother. He's been happy with it ever since, but he recently asked me to make a new acrylic panel for him, so that's what I set out to do. The old acrylic panel was literally just a piece of acrylic which I'd screwed into some holes which I drilled and tapped in the side of the case, but I thought that I could do a better job this time... Don't know if I succeeded at that, but it's at least A LOT more user friendly now. This is the original sidepanel with a very large hole cut in it... I only left 25mm on each side, as that was how wide the double sided tape which I was gonna use was. Here is the sidepanel with the double sided tape on (it has green protective tape) And now with the acrylic mounted. I was a good brother and didn't peel the protective film off. My brother was kind enough to send me a picture of the sidepanel mounted... Aaand exactly what I feared would happen, had happened... I wasn't able to press out all of the air bubbles between the acrylic and the tape, even though it looked like I got pretty close with the film on... Anyway, he seemed happy with it. I hope that this was able to help someone. Feel free to ask any questions which come to mind, and have a great day!
  2. Roisin Dearg (a Scratch Built "Modular" Case)

    ...but why that old table? Everything else looks great
  3. Holy shit... Subbed!!
  4. ShadowS - project

  5. Roisin Dearg (a Scratch Built "Modular" Case)

    As in the non-standard spelling or 'fellow', reffering to the fact that we both like computers
  6. Roisin Dearg (a Scratch Built "Modular" Case)

    Getting there! It's looking good, fella!
  7. Folder PC - sub 3.5L 3D printed gaming case

    Holy shit dude, join us over at smallformfactor.net/forum ! People will pay big dollars for this shit if it turns out good!
  8. Det her er genialt!
  9. DAN A4-SFX v2

    Sad to see you move away from the dan case, my dan case brother
  10. Please rate my new build.

    It defenately has its charm!
  11. Project AXE-R [scratch build]

    15k euro? Holy shit... Allthough my idea was to just mount three seperate pieces on a bracket and get a similar look... Other than that... holy hell this build is becoming beautiful!
  12. Project AXE-R [scratch build]

    Damn... When the show's over, you could consider making some brackets and buy three custom size, darkened, tempered glass panels instead of the plexi panel. That would look awesome!
  13. The under 100 line challenge!

    Hi everyone! As my first project, getting comfortable with Python, I wrote this roman numeral to normal number converter! It came out to 77 lines def calculatenumeral(str): roman_numeral = str ron_list = list(str) ron_list_worth = list(str) position_in_ron = 0 ron_equals = 0 i = 0 for letter in roman_numeral: ron_list[position_in_ron] = letter if letter == roman_numerals[0]: ron_list_worth[position_in_ron] = 1 if letter == roman_numerals[1]: ron_list_worth[position_in_ron] = 5 if letter == roman_numerals[2]: ron_list_worth[position_in_ron] = 10 if letter == roman_numerals[3]: ron_list_worth[position_in_ron] = 50 if letter == roman_numerals[4]: ron_list_worth[position_in_ron] = 100 if letter == roman_numerals[5]: ron_list_worth[position_in_ron] = 500 if letter == roman_numerals[6]: ron_list_worth[position_in_ron] = 1000 position_in_ron += 1 position_in_ron = 0 for letter in roman_numeral: ron_equals += ron_list_worth[position_in_ron] if ron_list_worth[position_in_ron - 1] < ron_list_worth[position_in_ron] and position_in_ron > 0: #for debugging: print(ron_equals, "-", (2 * ron_list_worth[position_in_ron - 1])) ron_equals = ron_equals - (2 * ron_list_worth[position_in_ron - 1]) #for debugging: print("Ron = ", ron_equals, "| p = ", position_in_ron) position_in_ron += 1 return ron_equals while True: roman_numeral = input("\nWrite your roman numeral here: \n") roman_numeral = roman_numeral.upper() roman_numerals = ["I", "V", "X", "L", "C", "D", "M"] valid_ron = False go_on = True for letter in roman_numeral: if go_on == True: if letter in roman_numerals: go_on = True valid_ron = True elif letter not in roman_numerals: go_on = False valid_ron = False if valid_ron == True: print("That is: ", calculatenumeral(roman_numeral)) if valid_ron == False: print("Sorry, '", roman_numeral, "' includes characters which are not yet supported.")
  14. Gaming CPU Needed

    I'd say that the Ryzen 5 1600 was a better allround processor, but if you're only gaming, the 8400 is probably going to give you higher FPS.
  15. Project AXE-R [scratch build]

    Wow! This is really starting to come together!