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    I7 6700K
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    ASUS STRIX z270i
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    16 GB Trident Z RGB
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    Dan Cases A4-sfx v1
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    Samsung 950 pro 512 GB
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    Corsair SF600
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    Dell U2715H, AOC 1080p
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    Asetek 545lc
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    CM Storm Quickfire TK
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    Roccat Savu
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    Logitech... Dunno
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    Windows 10

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  1. "OdySSey" project (finished)

    Oh... Did'nt see that coming!
  2. PC Build

    So... My G-unique came! The case looks sooooooo empty now! Looking forward to watercooling the bastard! Also, now that I have my sf600 out of the case, I decided to hand-lace all of the cables, because I'd never tried it, and it would increase the value of the PSU when I was going to sell it again! Damn it was worth it! Kinda makes me wanna put the sf600 into the a4-sfx again!
  3. PC Build

    Yes, but it's been a gradual change starting from aircooling and lots of space and going to this.
  4. PC Build

    Yeah, I've also built a couple or cases myself, so I like to think I know my way around 😄
  5. PC Build

    Plan is the wrong word... Pray is more like it No, but really... The process is mainly slow and time consuming... It's really just alot of searching around to see if other people have done what you're planning to do or something similar and then decide if you're gonna take the risk...
  6. PC Build

    @Christophe Corazza Thanks alot once again! @I-r0k Not much at all... Something like ten or twelve thousand DKK, but what it's worth is another story! I think I calculated is as being worth around 21000 DKK with the work I've done giving myself minimum wage... The reason I've gotten it all so cheaply is because of the danish version of craigslist (den blå avis) and great timing with buying hardware! @Spud11 T H I C C T H I C C
  7. PC Build

    Thanks alot everybody! @ReXiX Hell yeah! @Christophe Corazza Thanks to you too! And yeah, I did all the sleeving myself! Soon I'm going to recieve a G-unique PSU (look it up if you don't know what it is... essentially a smaller, more powerful hdplex...). Think I'm going to sleeve that too, but I don't know... Anyway, it's going to clean the build up a whole freaking lot... I did the math, I'm going to get something like 20% more space with all the cables and the sf600 out of the way @zach0354
  8. PC Build

    Thanks... Yeah, it's very small!
  9. (build log) Update 21/6 Killer Panda PC - Z370 X Code

    Feels so good to see a fellow dane modding 😘
  10. Uuh nice! A bit of change is always good - especially when in the forums! Looking forward to see both builds!
  11. PC Build

    Ehm, not really sure why this became a post of it self... I posted it as a comment in a thread on this sub... Anyway, here you go! Enjoy it

    Thanks alot! but... where the hell did it go? I can't find the post I made?
  13. PC Build

    What do you think of this, then? A gtx 1080 and a watercooled, delidded i7-6700k in a 7.25 liter case with custom, hand sleeved cables. 😎 And some pictures with it turned on... Just like I might very possibly be right now 😉 Btw, I custom made that fan grill before you ask
  14. DAN A4-SFX v2

    @Selder Damn... Must feel good to get bookmarked by a god
  15. Goliath - The Reforging - Stage 1

    I followed when I saw the first picture!