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    I7 6700K
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    ASUS STRIX z270i
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    16 GB Trident Z RGB
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    Dan Cases A4-sfx v1
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    Samsung 950 pro 512 GB
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    Corsair SF600
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    Dell U2715H, AOC 1080p
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    Asetek 545lc
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    CM Storm Quickfire TK
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    Roccat Savu
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    Logitech... Dunno
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    Windows 10

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  1. Glad to inspire! Thanks for all the praise guys!
  2. Changelog * Slim Noiseblocker fans changed to new Noctua NF-A8 Chromax fans. * Watercooling tubing has been sleeved. * New and cleaner cable routing. Upcoming changes * New GTX 1070 with a bitspower water cooling block. * Possibly the addition of an additional 120mm radiator in the system. Pictures New sleeved 6x10mm tubes. Rad with the new Noctua fans. Note that the temporary fan grills have been taken off the fans in installing the rad, as they were in fact j
  3. Thank you man! Files are public. ? https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/20334-blackbird-mini-itx-scratch-built-pc-project Unless you've got earily similar hardware to me, I wouldn't recommend you to just begin printing all of the parts. If you want to modify the design to fit your hardware, go ahead!
  4. I've built and used the PC in the state it was in in the original post for quite a bit (even though I haven't been good at updating the build logs), and I've made quite a bit of changes - both performance and usability wise. Among the changes are: A completely new front panel design allowing for substantially larger fans and incredibly improved airflow. Top and bottom covers on two structural pieces instead of single solid panels on the top and bottom. This eases assembly by a considerable amount. I'm also thinking about adding the GPU into the loop by converting it i
  5. Doesn't have anything with Josh or NFC to do other than that I thought his skyslots were cool and that we made a little deal for me to use the originals.
  6. Introduction Scratch built case specifications: 7.23L excluding raised sidepanels 8.97L including raised sidepanels 100% anodized CNC milled aluminum structure - main structure will be entirely 12mm panels - inside structure will be 3mm panels 2x 4mm thick tinted tempered glass panels Entirely assembled with metric countersunk- and metric thumb-screws Hardware specifications: Custom modded Asus X470-i motherboard AMD Ryzen 7 2700x CPU 2X8GB of 3GHz G.Skill TridentZ RGB
  7. As many others have said, buying a cnc router without any knowledge at all might not be the best place to start. Personally I've had GREAT success in using fablabs/makerspaces around my country even though it often requires me to put off a full day and travel an hour or so each way. As some also have said, if you are not interested in putting in the hours to use a cnc youself, you can contract the work out. Some places will be more expensive than others, but if your tolerances (in dimensions, these dimension plus minus X amount) arent too small, you can get away with a
  8. I've chosen to focus on updating the forum post on smallformfactor.net/forum. Here's the link: https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/p-s-y-c-h-e-d-e-l-i-c.9532/
  9. Well... Ehm... ? First off, thank you so much for the compliment! I'm not done with the excel arc yet, but it's NOT cheap. We're probably talking hundreds of USD lol... I'll update this message once I'm done with the calculations. Another thing is that this case is custom built to house an EVGA GTX 1080 FTW card with a heatkiller IV waterblock on it. No other cards except for the 1070 version with the same waterblock will fit.
  10. Updates updates! And oh boy is this going to be one of the big ones. I've been doing A LOT of work since I started the thread. Both more obvious things, but also a lot of stuff behind the scenes. Last weekend, I took a trip down to my grandparents' house to get some work done in their shop. Mainly shortening screws and making a power button. There's a couple of reasons I chose to make the power button out of steel. One of the main reasons it to not waste any of my just-big-enough-chunk-of-aluminum-rod-to-construct-the-case-feet-out-of... Also, I'm not going to pai
  11. Like much else, psychedelics can be bad for both your health and your wallet. I'm sorry to inform you that this one certainly will be both for me So BEHOLD, my dear reader, this sure is going to be a wild ride. Specs: 5.505 liters in volume Built in pump and reservoir combo Full-size EVGA Geforce GTX 1080 FTW 2 custom distribution blocks AMD Ryzen 7 2700x External 360mm (dual 180mm) radiator 16 GB of G.skill Trident Z RGB Custom modded Asus x470i motherboard Samsung 512 GB 950 pro m.2 SSD G-unique 450w pow