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  1. Not sure this would have much appeal, speaking as a uk builder. Conclusion would be UK/EU is avg 10-15% more expensive. Shop savvy between eBay, Amazon, etc...
  2. A cheaper alternative non curved https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/pc-monitors/pc-monitors/lg-ultragear-32gk650f-quad-hd-31-5-lcd-gaming-monitor-black-10195322-pdt.html
  3. Try Fusuma https://italolelis.com/posts/multitouch-gestures-ubuntu-fusuma/
  4. Was your fan control set in the bios or os when you were using windows? Which distro of linux are you running? What is your kernel version? uname -r
  5. Last time i checked Windows blocked GPU passtheough in a virtual machine
  6. The hardware didnt change, therefore responsiveness, sensitivty didnt change at a hardware level. How the os reacts to an input, now that is a different matter. Gestures controls likely sit within an Asus utility program, which you can install with wine. Otherwise use an app with the features you need.
  7. Add 32 architecture to apt dpkg --add-architecture i386 apt update && apt upgrade That will enable 32 bits repositories
  8. Do you know how to use adb? You can use adb to remove the bloatware and free space.
  9. Linux with little hardware support, and get a terminal running. Or full firmware, GUI, and touch support?
  10. What games do you play or plan to play? 2600 is capable, I currently see little reason to change that or rx570 until I know where you are headed, display and game wise/
  11. I would strongly suggest you figure out what kind of project interests you, then choose the one that requires logical thinking. When you are a good programmer, everything else is syntax.
  12. Oneplus need 3 skus, regular, pro, and legacy. It is a sad day that the Apple SE is much better value than Oneplus, and has a better camera.
  13. TN IPS and VA are the only option for someone who loves their eyes. 1440P 60 AHVA is my current monitor. Color accuracy is great for my photography, just wish it was faster. Ideal would be 1440p 120Hz IPS
  14. I see where you are coming from, at the moment it really is a mixed bag. Gnome and KDE are currently getting alot of funding from Redhat, Canoncial, Suse, Google, and Debian. The reason is to solidify the desktop experience. Everything aside from cinnamon(linux mint) and mate(strong following and stable) will be dead on arrival. This is actually good for Linux; KDE, GNOME and Cinnamon are all solid desktop environment, and offer very different experiences. Please accept my apology if you felt that I bundled on top of you, I thought this was a Linux bashing thread, not someone struggling with how Linux works. As the others have said feel free to ask questions, this is for the most part, a very friendly community.
  15. This statement isn't entirely accurate. Distros have 2 main financially support models, donations, and commercial services. E.g. Canonical, Redhat, Fedora etc.. Distributions live and die by their user base, donations, market dominance equals commercial awareness which inturn equals revenue, which is why a lot of spins off from mainline Linux distros close down fairly quickly. Think of distributions like a trickle down economy, certain companies get the lion share of funding, if they have a GUI colloboration eg. KDE or Cinnamon or Gnome they supercharged, with updates.