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  1. Powercore VI is no where near the power of lets say a Mali 450 gpu in a phone from 2010. Seriously it is a waste of time.
  2. TheFlyingSquirrel

    Installing m.2 SSD in ASUS laptop

    Have you tried putting files on the m.2 SSD drive to test? What device locations for windows do you see using advanced install?
  3. Power consumption (1.5W extra), thermals, and use case. This is not a desktop replacement, this is low cost board designed for teaching kids coding. We provide low-cost, high-performance computers that people use to learn, solve problems and have fun. We provide outreach and education to help more people access computing and digital making. We develop free resources to help people learn about computing and how to make things with computers, and train educators who can guide other people to learn. The A72 will need passive cooling to stop throttling, Pcie x4 would also make the board a lot larger, and like an arduino board is meant to use for a variety of project, weather station, magic mirror, robot car driving etc.
  4. TheFlyingSquirrel

    Is GamesCom Congress Worth It?

    I am British not American, the cost difference is huge.
  5. TheFlyingSquirrel

    Is GamesCom Congress Worth It?

    Hi Peeps, So my friends and I are considering going to GamesCom Congress alongside GamesCon, and wondered if it is generally worthwhile. We are all technology professionals with an interest in gaming, technology, and vr but not the games industry. Also Pro gamers, streamers, MOBAs mean very little to us. Keen to hear from people who have attended previously
  6. TheFlyingSquirrel

    Topping D30 Cutting Out

    I was actually considering return the D30 and getting the D10 if I continue to have problems. I think this is more power delivery issues rather than driver compatibility
  7. TheFlyingSquirrel

    Topping D30 Cutting Out

    I tried that. In Linux, ALSA(Driver) -> PulseAudio (Interface to Driver) -> Hardware. Without Pulse there is no link.
  8. TheFlyingSquirrel

    Topping D30 Cutting Out

    I am Linux not Windows, this doesn't apply to me
  9. TheFlyingSquirrel

    Topping D30 Cutting Out

    I dont believe it is the RCA cable, the sound changed to my monitor during playback, which means the device was temporarily unavailable. I am on Linux, so it works out of the box. Are you suggesting that there is a charge feedback, knocking out the DAC? D30 -> Atom -> Azur 350 issues D30 -> Azur 350 Issues
  10. TheFlyingSquirrel

    Topping D30 Cutting Out

    So I bought the Topping DAC and it keeps cutting out once in a while when outputting to a stereo amp. How likely is bad unit? Is it sensitive to the way it is plugged in?
  11. TheFlyingSquirrel

    Keyboard moding

    Look at the specificiation. The short answer is probably no, the circuitry is likely incompatiable. Don't attempt this kind of project without learning basic wiring first.
  12. TheFlyingSquirrel

    Keyboard moding

    Of course, you are bridging the connection. Test on a cheap keyboard and usb hub before touching an expensive keyboard
  13. TheFlyingSquirrel

    Keyboard moding

    How good are you with a dremel and soldering?
  14. TheFlyingSquirrel

    970 EVO Plus on Z390 Slow speeds.

    I assume your M.2 is PCIe x4 and that storage isn't running in legacy mode in the bios
  15. TheFlyingSquirrel

    Linux Mint, update manager error

    Have you checked the repositories used for the installation? Have you run apt-get update or apt-get upgrade? I assume the linux xmint version is lts