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  1. What did Tesla do? They are still burning money like crazy. They don't even have enough money left to survive 2016. Anyone looking at AMD and their numbers knows that it is really bad what they are doing. But for some reason no one in north america seems to realize how close to beeing bankrupt tesla is. I would love for Tesla, so make money and really change the car game, but they are just not.
  2. These Tesla talks really hurt...making a car is easy. You build a nice car, than management comes in and says: build it again, same features but make it only half as expensive. That's when it gets hard. Right now, a Tesla would need to cost 25.000$ more to make any sense as a business venture. Telsa lost 20.000$ on every car they sold in the first quarter, how is this good? or interesting?
  3. Real world? If you run a normal overclocked quad core with a 980Ti you will bearly suck 400W from the wall. If you don't plan to go SLI/CF anything over a 550W psu is just a waste of money and electricity. And please don't tell me, you might want to go SLI in the future. Noone thinking that ever did it. Here in Germany you have to pay nearly 0,3€/KWh, playing 2h every day with a normal PC, using maybe 300W, you will save 5-7€ a year. The difference between a good bronze and a good gold psu is around 30€. In your use case of 8 years you could have saved 25€ already...assuming you PC only runs 2 hours a day, but it could be much more if you use it more.
  4. i liked the idea of the video, but the execution was awful. Using a 450W bronze psu was just not a good idea. You can buy a 400W platin rated psu, or at least a gold. You should talk to Corsair, Seasonic or Cooler Master, and do that kind of video with one specific lineup of psus in mind.
  5. I like the headphones the best, they look very nice!
  6. seems like a way to expensive Lego Mindstorms Ripoff
  7. Install SpaceSniffer and you can see what uses how much space.
  8. Asus ZenFone2, Lenovo k3, ZTE Blade6, there are sooo many...i guess you really need to look for what you want
  9. 280x is the same as a 380 a 270x is faster than a 370 sure its better to get a 380 over a 270x but i don't think it would fit in your tight budget. If you can find a GTX960 around 160-180€ it might have the better perf/price ratio. I5 = 225$ 380= 180€ Honestly, i think you should wait a few month and earn some more money, 600€ isn't enough for what you want. 800€ would be a good mount of money to build what you want.
  10. You do know that the 390x is just a 290x with 8GB of ram and a little bit higher clocks?
  11. yes, but you should check your temperatures to be sure
  12. It will work with one, just try one fan, than 2 fans. With two you may get better temperatures, with one it should be less noisy.
  13. Its just a IC and some LEDs. Im sure you could built a getto version of it if you have the skills. I don't know if the electronics are separate of integreated on the ram sticks. But why would you want to put avexir leds on corsair ram? seems like a lot ot money for no benefit, just use the avexir ram?
  14. There is a test-powerplant in germany turning CO2 and from air and water into oil/gas/kerosene, running at since 2014. combined with solar power this technology will make electric cars obsolete.
  15. Yes the EVGA G2 is a SuperFlower unit, but the AX760i is from Flextronics. Both are good, solid HighEnd PSU's. I think the G2 has the better fan profile so i would go with that!