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  • Birthday 2002-08-23

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    Stokesley, north yorkshire, uk
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    dirt bikes


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    Intel c2q q6600 ( soon to be i3 6100 and then whatever the skylake refresh i5k will be called)
  • Motherboard
    Asus P5Q Deluxe (just bought a ga-z170x gaming 3 as of 21/18/2016
  • RAM
    4GB ddr2 800mhz (8gb corsair vengeance lpx ddr4 came free with my mobo)
  • GPU
    sapphire dual x R9 270x (soon to be something polaris or pascal)
  • Case
    Corsair spec 03 blue windowed
  • Storage
    1TB WD blue
  • PSU
    Cosair CX500M (soon to be a superflower leadex gold 650w)
  • Display(s)
    Acer g277hlbid
  • Cooling
    cooler master hyper 212 evo
  • Keyboard
    steelseries apex raw
  • Mouse
    sabre rgb
  • Sound
    logitech z506
  • Operating System
    MSX home 64-bit

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  1. finally a thread for this! i ride mx and i really prefer moto but i do quite like mtb, will post up a pic of my bike later but for now enjoy some orange goodness here is my bike
  2. does anyone here ride motocross, trials, enduro, supermoto? i would love to know. me personally, i ride/sometimes race motocross on my '08 ktm 125 sx and dabble in hare scrambles
  3. take all this to the rc thread, we would love to see your rides! (link in my sig)
  4. ride my dirt bike where i'm usually not supposed to
  5. that could work if you set your gearing correctly so you don't overheat the motor, in that case i would recommend some proline mashers or badlands at 3.8 like revo sort of size
  6. what about the slash 4x4 platinum ?
  7. haha, i had something similar happen to my 1/5th scale, the rx pack ran out of juice, i was doing a speed run and it hits the curb then launches about a good 6-7ft and on its way up it hits my Dad's truck front bumper, lands back down on the front. i only broke the front left a-arm and bent the shock tower. this was a good 3-4 years ago
  8. at our school it's really fucking locked down, the goodish computers are in the it rooms. but imho they really need to focus on the design and technology rooms their computers there are literally so beat to shit. some one wiped pva glue all over some of the key caps and you literally have to smash down on the keycaps to do anything plus they're right next to a wood lathe so they're probably clogged to shit with saw dust. theres like two 20 something laptop carts with old ass HPs and compaqs (you spend half the lesson trying to log on some times) )
  9. i live in the UK, summer doesn't exist over here sometimes because of the shite weather we call summer
  10. 13, turning 14 in six weeks time
  11. *looks staringly at my 125sx*"no need to worry baby, you're all fine and good"*smiles as the sweet smell of 2 stroke premix fills the air*
  12. Fuck... how are my emails gonna be safe now?
  13. They really had to call it the fucking Ttan P didn't they...