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    Intel i5 6400
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    Sapphire RX480 8gb OC
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    Fractal 1100
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    500 Watts or something
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    Windows 10, Sideloaded Vista :P

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  1. Hi, I just measured the GPU sag of my build and it is currently 9/16" or 6.5mm! Would correcting this to 0 be a good idea at this point? Or should I alleviate it only a small amount since its so used to the extreme sag? The PCI-E slot is a "reinforced" slot on the X470 Gaming Pro Carbon. Sometimes I have system instability, refusal to boot/exit sleep and it gets stuck most of the times on the "VGA" light on the board.
  2. Not a custom, just buying a full system. Laptops are just so damn expensive for what you get which is where my concerns are.
  3. I am particularly interested in this unit that LTT checked out.
  4. Quadro might be a bit overkill, it is not overly taxing software, it's for Landscape Architecture.
  5. TB is a good idea, actually. However Intel hasn't been very great with their... everything... as of late, and honestly I just don't like how they stagnated innovation for years because they held a virtual monopoly. I would sacrifice the second it takes to plug in the peripherals if it meant having VEGA graphics or more cores or both.
  6. Is it safe for mini PCs like the ones that are in little boxes to be put in your backpack and taken to and from work? Not to be like super rough with the backpack, but just from like static electricity and such. Mini PCs on average are more powerful (not trying to debate) than laptops and are cheaper too, and I can have both mouse and keyboard + monitor for free one set at home and one set at work. Also, what about custom built mini PCs? Would those be safe too? I am curious and just unsure.
  7. Where the phone plugs in on the side of the osmo, can you instead plug a USBC to that port and charge the osmo. It charges the phone through it so I assume that you can.
  8. Can you transfer files or charge out of the side port where the USBC or Lightning port go? I haven't found anything on it.
  9. The build suggested by Shrekpad will perform far better. A tip: Ryzen LOVES fast RAM (Shrekpad chose '3600 speed' while you had chosen '3200 speed') and it makes a significant difference!
  10. Try using a heater to thaw it out (so it stops freezing!) Any BIOS updates?
  11. I have a 3900x with the stock cooler. It runs stable and chews through my workloads (compiling, fusion360 work, gaming) with ease. I recommend you upgrade to this processor either when the 4th gen comes out (discount!) or you look at getting the 4th gen equivalent because it's supposed to be even better due to generational improvements. If you choose to get a 4th gen, use stock monitoring websites because the product will go on sale for about five minutes max at random before selling out.
  12. How is case airflow? I was able to get better temps on my CPU cooler by moving a fan from top to side, in line with the fins on the heatsink. I don't think the high temps are the cause of the crashing because all the temperatures are well within spec. Is this a transferred OS or a fresh install?
  13. You bought a mining GPU, this is a standard outcome, no offense. I have a purchased-new Sapphire Nitro+ OC RX480 that's ran perfect since the day I got it. Sapphire is a reliable brand that I'll stand behind. The whole "old BIOS" also seems sus because newer BIOSes are released for a reason, that reason being improved framerates and stability. I hope that the issue is the BIOS and that you can update it or else you might have to rethink purchasing a used GPU in the current market.
  14. On my first PC I never used sleep, always left it on. it had a hard drive as the boot disk . Just did some research and I have 3600 speed RAM, but I guess the gaming pro carbon x470 doesn't support it. This might explain the weird boots. I will see if that fixes it...