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    Calgary, Canada
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    Computer Science, PowerPC Macintoshes, Videography/Filmography, Photography, Musical Production, Video Games and Video Game Development
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    My primary computer is neither impressive nor high-end, but it gets the job done. Usually. Fun fact: I have 28 random computers lying around! 26 work, and I regularly use only three, the others just sit and collect dust. No, none are for sale, I keep them around because I'm weird like that. Like a Crazy Cat Lady, I'm a crazy computer kid.


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    AMD Ryzen 5 2600K, 6 cores/12 threads
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    Asus Prime A320M-K
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    16GB DDR4-2666MHz
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    Gigabyte NVIDIA RTX 2060
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    Some Certified Data job from 2007 or so
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    2TB (WD Caviar Black + random drive from other laptop)
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    Corsair CX450 450W
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    24" Asus 144Hz Thing
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    A fan I pulled from an eMachines PC I grabbed off the side of the road
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    Cooler Master Devastator 3
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    Cooler Master Devastator 3
  • Sound
    Sony SRS-XB41
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Thanks for this, I'll probably find this useful later on in the future. I just said "screw it" though, and I got a Bluetooth adapter for my computer, and started using my Bluetooth speaker with my computer. Glad I did, because it's way better sounding than what I had before.
  2. I got a new motherboard for my main PC, so that I could get a newer and faster CPU. The board is an Asus A320M-K, with built-in Realtek audio. I noticed an irritating issue with the audio drivers in Windows 10. The sound works, with the Microsoft-authored Realtek audio drivers, but after I restart my computer, the drivers change to a Realtek-authored driver, which causes my audio to stop working. Windows thinks it works fine, but I hear nothing from my speakers. In order to return to the Microsoft-authored audio drivers, I have to uninstall my Realtek drivers in Device Manager and reboot the computer, and allow Windows to automatically get the Microsoft-authored driver. The problem is that if I restart my computer again, it switches back to the Realtek-authored drivers, which causes the audio to stop working once again. I've already tried installing the audio driver from Asus, but that didn't solve the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
  3. I just got a 10 or 12 year old Dell Inspiron 6400. Real beauty this one is. Top-of-the-line Core Duo, 120GB hard drive and 2GB of DDR2 RAM, that ran Windows Vista (but now runs Linux Mint). Why did I buy it? Well, for one, I'm into buying random junk computers that no one else needs or wants, and secondly, I wanted a knock-around to bring to work with me, instead of risking my MacBook Pro.
  4. I never did get an answer here, but I think I've finally figured out what the problem was: enabling Game Mode in Windows 10. Turning it off solved my performance issues in GTA V and other games. I can now run GTA V at nearly maxed out settings with an average of 50+ frames per second with Game Mode off.
  5. I've finally got a job, and have the ability to save for the powerful workstation PC I've always been wanting. For this computer, I want to have a lot of graphics horsepower for rendering, particularly in Blender 3D, so CPU power isn't as big of a consideration for me. The cost of a single NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti is similar to the cost of two NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti cards (for me at least), so I was wondering which setup might deliver better rendering performance in Blender 3D. I understand that the 2080 Ti isn't out yet, but I want to hear your thoughts about it.
  6. I've been having a problem for a while that I've mostly swept under the rug, but at this point I'm sick of it. For a while, on average I've been getting less than 30 frames per second in GTA V with a combination of high, very high and a few ultra and normal settings. Dragon Age Inquisition is the same way, though with that game I've got nearly every setting cranked to max. With the very same graphics configuration, I used to be able to exceed 45 in GTA V and run at a steady 50 with Dragon Age Inquisition, and this is what doesn't make sense to me. Performance has deteriorated in a number of my more demanding games though there's no apparent reason for it. While 30 frames per second in any game I play would normally be fine, there's also a lot of stuttering, and even more microstutter. My computer isn't overheating. In fact, the temperatures remain pretty comfortable; under load, the CPU rarely exceeds 60 degrees Celsius, and the GPU rarely exceeds 50. I've got the latest graphics drivers. I run Razer Cortex, and have my GPU overclocked in MSI Afterburner. My CPU is quite meh by today's standards, but as I said: I'd normally be above 45 FPS in GTA V, and above 50 in Dragon Age Inquisition without stuttering, yet as of late the framerates rarely exceed 35. My system specifications: CPU: AMD FX-4300, overclocked to 4.2GHz GPU: MSI GTX 1050 Ti Motherboard: MSI 760GM-P34 (FX) RAM: 8GB of some random 1333MHz DDR3 stuff (don't recall the brand of the top of my head) I have not made any changes to my hardware configuration, the performance just degraded on its own. I've tried reinstalling games, drivers, resetting BIOS settings, resetting GPU and CPU clocks, and resetting graphics settings in games. I've tried a number of other little things that I simply cannot recall. Nothing has helped. I'm hoping that someone here can help me.
  7. Well, there you go. I wasn't worried. Temps stay comfortable.
  8. That's exactly what I was looking for. Now, I only hit 4.2GHz in games and other demanding applications. As it turns out, my air-cooled CPU usually runs at 15-25 degrees even under load (unless my computer is lying to me). I'm not sure exactly what my highest temperature is, it might be related to the chipset.
  9. I've got an MSI 760GM-P34 (FX) motherboard with an AMD FX-4300 CPU in it. Since I'm poor and can't upgrade to a better motherboard and CPU, I like to have the CPU overclocked a little bit, just to squeeze out a little extra performance. The CPU is normally 3.8GHz and I've got it going at 4.2GHz right now, but at the overclocked speed, the CPU stays at a constant 4.2GHz. My thermals are very good (the highest temperature never reaches more than 60 degrees Celsius even under load, usually sits at around 45 degrees) so heat output is really not an issue, I just want the CPU to draw less power and run even cooler still when it's not doing anything, as I like to leave the computer on all the time. I've enabled the feature that allows the CPU to clock down when the high clock isn't necessary before, but I can never remember which BIOS setting enables it. With the feature enabled, I've seen the CPU run as slow as 1.3GHz when not doing anything. Can someone help me out here?
  10. For a couple of months now, my computer would occasionally reboot in an apparent system crash. I initially thought it may have been overheating, but it wasn't. I eventually looked at the Windows Event Viewer and noticed that each crash mentioned the AMD Northbridge with an error of 11. The bug check event that gets saved references a code of 0x00000124. I tried turning down my CPU's overclock from 4.0GHz down to its usual 3.8GHz, and the crashes still occur. I tried restoring the BIOS to its fail safe defaults. Crashes still occur. I installed a Windows CPU utility so my CPU now clocks itself down from 3.8GHz to around 1.3GHz when it's not doing anything or only simple web tasks. Crashes still occur. Updated drivers. Crashes still occur. I've found it unhelpful to Google my issue. I've even disabled automatic reboot upon system failure in Windows, but as I discovered today, it still simply reboots with no blue screen. It doesn't seem to matter what I'm doing on my computer for these crashes to occur. They happen when I'm playing games or when I'm editing a word document in Google Docs, and they've probably happened when I was away from the computer for an hour or more. The crashes don't occur regularly; they may happen as frequently as every few days or infrequently as every couple of weeks. Also, I can use the computer for hours on end, playing games for hours on end and nothing will happen, but this morning I was on the computer for not even an hour, editing a word document when it happened. Right now, I'm running MemTest86 4.3.7 to see if the RAM is causing the issue, but it's too early to tell if anything is wrong. The first pass isn't even 50% complete. I'm using the Ultimate Boot CD, if there are any utilities you'd like to suggest for me. System specifications: AMD FX-4300 quad core CPU running at 3.8GHz Windows 10 Home MSI 760GM-P34 FX motherboard MSI NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti Unsure of the BIOS revision - I can't check as I'm doing a memory test as I write this 8GB DDR3-1333 RAM (don't remember manufacturer - I can't check as I'm doing a memory test as I write this) Corsair CX450 450w power supply If there are any details you need, just ask. I'm really at wits end with this problem, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I actually tried this, with the price filters for an Intel Core i5 and motherboard. Well, let's just say it's somehow more expensive than if I just went with a Ryzen CPU and new RAM. https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/user/LOLZpersonok/saved/CwYXHx - Core i5 ($554CAD) https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/user/LOLZpersonok/saved/sKqd6h - Ryzen 5 1400 ($520CAD)
  12. A CPU upgrade is actually pretty unlikely in the near future, considering at the very least I'd also need a new motherboard, and more likely need new RAM in addition to the CPU, which would bring my upgrade costs to above $400CAD, not counting any GPU upgrade. I was looking at the 1050 Ti because it's a formidable upgrade to what I've already got, yet it's pretty inexpensive (~$100). I am not wealthy, I'm an unemployed student still living with his parents.