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  1. It's simple; don't. Setup a video camera to monitor and when it finally goes super saiyan, just upload it to YouTube.
  2. #NoHypeThen Wouldn't it be smarter to have the reviews go up today? That way hype can build up.
  3. Arctic Sliver 5 is decent thermal paste and it's pretty cheap.
  4. You use improper grammar and you're asking for advice for your tech channel's name on another Tech channel's website... you're not going to go far.
  5. What exactly did you do? I don't want to sound like an asshole, but it seems like this won't effect the community, at all.
  6. It's possible you just have to find the parts during times when there are deals/sales or you could find used parts on sites like Craigslist (just make sure they're selling PC parts, and it's not anonymous sex).
  7. They kinda do, but it depends on the game. That's just a normal 1050, not 1050m. Get the first one.
  8. How the fuck aren't your movie threaters busy? I live in Canada and our movies are always full... If you're working and not on your scheduled break, you're supposed to be paid. They can't put you on break during hours that you're working unless you actually are on a break.
  9. Racist. Personally, I'd go for Raid 10 just because of the safety from drive failure.