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  1. G'day, so i have got a pretty good PC specs in my signature but it cannot playback 4k to 4.6k video files in VLC. It doesnt playback smoothly. TO be fair its from the Ursa mini 4.6k ~500mb/s and 4k scans of 35mm film. any tips on getting it to play back smoothly? cheers, red xxx
  2. eh why not. https://www.instagram.com/eren.t.ercan/?hl=en or eren.t.ercan
  3. It isn't though it's the same when its on my HDD and SSD. I might by an M.2 SSD see if it's any different. Suggestions Its ProRes 422HQ
  4. Olla Peps, I'm trying to edit 4.6k footage on my PC (Specs in image) and it's really, really choppy even VLC is struggling to play but Quicktime on my MacBook is perfectly fine. I mean my 2015 MacBook Pro playback and editing is smooth as butter. Any suggestions, its being edited on a gigabit network and the files are about 256gb's each and they are being editing in Adobe Premier CC 2015.5 Cheers,
  5. red_jelly

    New Headphones

    Hi Folks, So i'm looking for a new headset because my faithful Astro A40's which i love dearly is losing its screws, literally. So i'm not sure on what i should get i was looking at the A50's or A40 TR or the logitech G633, but i'm not sure. Any suggestions? Here is my selection: https://www.mightyape.com.au/product/Astro-A40-TR-PC-Gaming-Headset-White-PC-Games/23123585?gclid=Cj0KEQiA-ZSzBRDp3ITHm5KO_JYBEiQA1JjHHMDN0fhajWCoRs8q67fT_pi1I7-_LC0otXhfMDdGA5gaAiYf8P8HAQ https://www.mightyape.com.au/product/Logitech-G633-RGB-71-Gaming-Headset-Wired/23994386?gclid=Cj0KEQiA-ZSzBRDp3ITHm5KO_JYBEiQA1JjHHK1nVdK_qNLI5ChX_mSBMM9JHyZEH22dZPbt2EdWLrQaAi508P8HAQ
  6. Hello, I just updated my Windows 7 to 10 and it went flawlessly, but i realised that i installed the 32bit version and you cant have that so i reinstalled it straight after i did that on the same SSD. Now when i load it up it doesn't like my activation code anymore (from windows 7). The funny thing is it work when i did the initial upgrade from 7- 10 32bit. Any suggestions? i already called Microsoft and had a 20 minutes call, they called me from the US and i'm in Australia. the customer service rep wasnt very good and when they transferred me to another department the call dropped.
  7. I've already upgraded my rig. to a 5820k and a 980 with 32gb ram. I just wanted to know if a 1tb ssd is worth it or is a HDD still good?
  8. Hello, I just upgraded my PC from my old specs (in my signiture) and i want to upgrade it to Windows 10 from 7, but i dont know if i should? - I run the entire Adobe CC suite - Games and what not Second question, 1tb M.2 SSD or 1tb SSD for a HDD replacement
  9. He peoples, My rockstar Name is red_jelly add me now if you want to do heist. i'm looking for a team. Dont reply here get me on thje soicla club. cheers, jelly
  10. Hey Everyone! So i've had my pc for about 5 year now, back when the 2600k was the best i7 you could get. Overtime my start up ram usage has gone up a lot. it sit about 47% on startup, thats not good. Are there any good programs that will clear all the crap from my ram sticks or do i have to do it manually?
  11. It will help with my Uni RED Dragon editing workflow
  12. Anyone else excited for Spotify's latest album release? I AM!
  13. The AX20 is a solid camera for video. I wouldn't get the D7100 now because at low light the Nikon's aren't that clean (coming from a Nikon owner), there is a little bit more noise. I would go for the XA20. Its a very good camera.
  14. The ulitmate difference is the type of film and camera being used. Yes the lenses are different, they need to be able to cover the sensor which is 2x's as large.
  15. Interstellar was shot in 70mm on iMax camera's. the debate about Film vs Digital is stupid. I'm a huge fan of Digital (Red Epic Dragon cameras) but we cant forget that Film has some qualities that Digital cannot recreate as of now. Tarantino is a morron, he is the ultimate fan boy of classic cinema. Film is going to be used by the purests and the CineGeeks out there such as Tarantino, Nolan, and Scorsese. Digital is going to be used by everyone else because its cheap and you can watch it right after shooting. Film is getting expensive and it will cost a small fortune to produce, print and hard to work on I say film is amazing when it can be shot on do it, but Digital is the way to go from now on look at the beauty of David Finchers film (Has my babies plz).