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    Badass Celestial dragon, Goddess to all her dragons!
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    Queen of dragons


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    AMD FX6300 Hex Core
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    Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 Motherboard
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance 1866Mhz
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    AMD Sapphire Radion R9 270X 4GB
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    Cooler Master HAF
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    Intel SSD + SSHD
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    Corsair 750W Bronze PSU
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    Asus Xonar DGX 5.1 Sound Card
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    Windows 8.1!

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  1. relax guys, I know steam will send a generic ass e-mail if there was an issue, but the issue is the amount of people who are not tech-heads like us, hence why I made the post!, so make sure all your friends know. and the scammers are using pressure to manipulate people putting the user in great stress to make it easy to attack, so for the average gamer or people who are not thinking they may fall for it. P.S. The last scammer to attack my friend even did there research and made it looks like they been around them for awhile.
  2. Ok I know this is not on any offical news platforms but LTT can you please cover that steam scammers are on the rise and manipulating users into giving them details because they accdently reported them or they see mutiple reports on there account. I had 2 people recently get there account stolen so far so can you please tell your vast audience to NEVER give out there password/username/steam guard code TO ANY ONE Please thanks you LTT
  3. I would just like to personal thank every one here, spent 4h trying to get one of my clients mics to work after a windows update broke it, Every website saying "uninstall and reinstall drivers" but the "listen to this device" worked, apon using this advice it has worked again! So thank you all for the fix!, this windows 10 update issue is still going on till today so this tread is very useful <3
  4. Current GPU: AMD R9 270X, Quite a decent gpu for my needs but games are changing. I am tempted to get a GTX 1060 For my upcoming mobile rig if that has true w120 and not some rushed "we say its w120"
  5. PF1000U projector Projecting a large image from a short distance simply amazing, And in the video it looked prity dam square unlike other projectors I seen at that price point which have that weird darkness around the corners or were a little rounded. Now if I got this which at some point I will probably need to get one for my mobile rig, People would need a crowbar to get me out of bed
  6. Dammm they look good, i prefure the Kova personaly make the LED Red to match my build I kind like the design of this mouse and havent seen it in any other place so far, then again I am not activly serching ether
  7. So firstly i want to point out my Mic setting is on "Do Nothing" Every time I unplug/plugin my USB mic my sound gets louder on firefox but on update to the volume of the youtube video it gets suddenly quieter and i got no clue on this problem as my mic settings is on "Do nothing" on the communications sound setting I would use google crome... but I cant seem to get my custom plugins to work for that I have an xonar soundcard if that helps
  8. Honestly, I have heard of this and dissapointed they are removing the Iphone jack to make the phone "thinner", people request for a bigger battery but are denied... I dislike most androids too as ive had a few brands and there screens die and mess up big time but i guess ive been unlucky in that area. All i want in a phone is Calling, Texting, Music, Internet -> In that order which is why im lookng into a rasbery pie on my arm like a pitboy with 2-7 days battery life.
  9. prity sweet little zbox would get my sister to stop useing my gaming pc
  10. There skylakes arnt selling that well because there 4% better than the previos "pulling a nvidia", but the cutting jobs part... thats just bad
  11. Pulling an nvidia = Increasing the proformance a small ammount but they failed because its a CPU not a GPU thats why only nvidia can do it
  12. Well Intel is pulling an nvidia and it went wrong
  13. So we done the hole moving and got a new BT home hub that supports 2.4ghz and 5ghz However its not very stable and takes ages to start up (about 30mins from turn on > brodcasting wifi) And i also found this All Signals on channel 1 are comming from the BT router, the red one is the one we use This is not healthy is it?
  14. Nova Dwagon


    Well it helped me
  15. Nova Dwagon


    But, it was ether clean stuff off with WD40 or risk paying for another gpu, motherboard, and ram... which currently i just havent got the money for Suprisingly the fans are quieter so thats a plus side