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  1. Got this exact issue since a few days back. 5700 XT + 3700x
  2. It's a router i got from my ISP. And don't think i have to configure so much. Ill reset it now and see if something happends.
  3. I can't reach the router login page on my Windows 10 PC, however, I can do it on my mac that is connected to the same network. NOTE: I had this problem for some time now. Today I reinstalled my windows, however, this problem still occurs. On my mac, the default gateway is: While on my pc it says my default gateway is an IP that is the same as my IPv4 address. When I try to connect to the Default gateway shown in ipconfig this is what it says: And when I try to connect to the proper router IP:
  4. I mean, I will have to pay the full price of the Macbook. isn't there any cheap solutions that make the dents un-noticeable?
  5. Hello, I've borrowed a computer from my school and accidentally messed it up, is there any way I can fix these dents? Pictures below!
  6. To clear some things up, while I can hear my microphone and it shows that it recognizes sound when "Listen to this device" is active, it doesn't work in example discord, I will add a video below where I show this off. In the video I'm always making a noise, so even when "Listen to this device" is disabled I am still making sounds. Also, the sound you can hear is not directly from the microphone, however it the desktop sound that is coming from the mic.
  7. nah, im fine on the setup part, i just want more performance
  8. My current system has: Gtx 1060 6gb i5 4690k (stock) MSI b85m-e45 (doesn't support overclocking) 12gb ram I am looking into selling my gtx 1060 for $250 and buying a GTx 1070 Ti (or a 1080) I wonder if this is a good upgrade, or if i should upgrade something else with my pc first.
  9. Could you link me some? my budget is actually around $50
  10. That's the thing, I've been watching some youtube videos comparing stock to overclock, and there isn't a huge increase (about 3-7 fps). I also wonder if upgrading the ram would be beneficial since it is ddr3 at 1600mz,
  11. Hello, i'm thinking of upgrading my PC, but i need help to know what to upgrade. My current specs are: i5-4690k (stock) 12gb ddr3 1600mz RAM gtx 1060 6gb MSI B85M-e45 (cant overclock my cpu with this board) 500w psu I would like to know what would be the best part to upgrade to get most performance for my money, thanks.
  12. Oh, ok i downloded AMD OVerdrive and there it showed only 25-40°C, thanks man now i know there is nothing wtong about my prossesor ^^