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  1. Well the thing starts here, i bought this Dell Inspiron 560s computer from my bother because he needed money for like $300 U.S + a monitor was my first "good" computer switching from a intel pentium 4? or older, i saw once on the bios it said 1999/1/1 soo idk i was all happy with it but i started to play mp games and wanted to play without unfair advantage, so i bought a gtx 750 TI to play games at as least 60 fps then i started making a profit online and realised, the faster your pc is the more you have the more profit, well some kind like that. ^TL;DR I want to switch from a Dell Desktop Computer to a decent gaming/productivity CPU and MOTHERBOARD beucase this is from like 2009 my personal uses are those: Opening (lest say) 6 2D games at once Browsing the internet with like 9 TABS(OR LESS(4), ATM I CAN NOT SEE TWITCH STEAMS ON SOURCE QUALITY BECAUSE THE ENTIRE PC GETS HELLA SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW ) ej: Youtube,YT,Twitch,LTT,RandomForum,YT,Google,Twitter,Facebook Skype Call Teamspeak Client Calculator Also Cod 4 or Battlefield 3 casual MP games Etc... FOR GPUS think i plan to get a SLI or Cross-fire on the future(only 2) or as least 1 High End GPU FOR RAM any dual channel will be fine i have 2 sticks of DDR3-1333Mhz FOR AUDIO If its good, fine FOR STORAGE Well Of Course Sata III 1 SSD, 1 HDD? (im using a sata 2 wd blue 500gb hdd wich is working like new even it has 4 years working ) FOR CASE I can support a ATX Motherboard or Micro-ATX board I dont want the CPU to be such OVERKILL or slow i heard or as least i think is like this but im not really really sure i3 for browsing internet, i5 for casual people and i7 for more than casual people, and fx 6350 dont know any fx 8350 dont know any For mobos i dont know how to choose it Asus? Asrock? <- those are the ones afaik CURRENT BUILD Motherboard Dell 018D1Y CPU Intel Pentium Dual Core E5500 2.8Ghz GPU EVGA GTX 750 TI SC 2GB RAM DRR3 - 1333MHz 2GBx2, DDR3 - 1333Mhz 1GBx2--- Running at 800Mhz (NO LINK) STORAGE Western Digital 500GB Power Supply 500 Watts Power Supply (NO LINK) Case A Good case (Prof Pic) The last thing, i think any combination will be a huge step from a pentium dual core to a "recent" one Budged $200-$400 USD please recommend someting as least at the 200-300 budget range the other 100 are just in case of cases PD: I FORGOT MY POWER SUPPLY(500 Watts) HAS 2 MOLLEX CONNECTORS+ 2 SATA CONNECTORS + A 24 PIN CONNECTOR + A 4 PIN CONNECTOR IF A NEED A NEW PSU LET ME KNOW IT Super TL:DR: I want switch from a dell inspiron 560s to a 200 to 300 dlrs motherboard + cpu im not a super hardcore gamer, but i hate slowness CRAP I ALSO FORGOT I CAN ONLY BUY FROM AMAZON + EBAY
  2. free? what kind of word is this, if thats the case im in to hopefully win
  3. I would use it to get a crazy gaming rig and something else like doing multitasking etc...lest hope for the best.
  4. I use it as a hoverboard now...Nah maybe is because i had 3 fans and removed 2, the fan i connected was to a mollex connector then i connected it to the motherboard
  5. LuisCorner

    Mega Woosh

    I cleaned my computer some minutes ago, connected everything turned it on, opened hwmonitor, precision x then i heard a woosh on the pc then i saw this Was going to post on subforum Woosh but i think this is a off topic NOTICE THE VOLTAGES ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. Make sure the cable is well attached, that's what happens to me everyday because of the cable in front of my feets (Not sure why you screen went "double" Edit: Ohhh so you are using a laptop, crap maybe faulty drivers,downloads?
  7. The psu the psu the psu is the most amazing item (for me) but also i like the case kinda nice PS:Holy mole 4000+ entries already, there is a small chance to win.... a small chance
  8. There are a TON of comments right now but i hope to get one, the thing i like on the zotac cards is the different color lights when oc it seems so ba
  9. Bu..But. i saw this video Battlefield 4 - Nvidia "Maxwell" GTX 750 Ti - Ultra Settings at 1080p [HD] also i wanst at full 1080p i was at 1366x768 =(
  10. I have a 5 years old pentium dual core and i recently bought a GTX 750 Ti, it is cool playing games at single player but then i tried to play Battlefield 3 Multiplayer the fps where like 5~20 on ultra so i want to know how much is my Intel Pentium Dual Core E5500 2.8Ghz Bottlenecking my 750 TI And also the motherboard has PCI-E 2.0 From 1 to 10 Where 10 is GET A NEW CPU NOW and 1 is Not that much.
  11. "Dual-Link DVI-I" i cant put a VGA to DVI-I adapter because it cant fit even if the card has the "Dual-Link DVI-I" imput, also that i didnt get a "Dual-Link DVI-I" adapter the rest is so self explanatory
  12. I have a problem with my graphics card, my brother bought an EVGA GTX 750 Ti so i decided to test it on my computer and see what games i could play and it was running BF3 @ULTRA 100~120 Fps Avg. and i was like man this card is very good for its price then i decided to get one so...i ordered one and first right out the box i noticed the first problem, the VGA to DVI adapter was DVI-A which can only support 1920*1080 so i was like ok? i dont have a 1080p monitor but i can DOWNSAMPLE from 1080p, i tried to use a Dual Link DVI-I which i have at my house AND IT COULDNT EVEN FIT even if the card has the 24+5 pins so i had to use the included DVI-A on the box, then the second thing after installing it on my computer was: with the exact same settings it only ran BF3 @ULTRA 50~80FPS avg in the exact same level in the exact same scene The real question is what should i do even if i dont got what was "advertised". Should i deal with it or should i contact EVGA? Amazon GTX 750 Ti Purchased Proof DVI TYPES http://www.showmecables.com/images/catalog/product/DVIQA.jpg Edit:Added dvi types
  13. Exactly unplug it just like i did and plug it when you need it 1C° less heat.
  14. I finally solved the problem after 3 tries, the problem was that when i was using the slim case the BIOS HDD options were AHCI and RAID mode, then when i changed to the "new" case suddenly the RAID mode dissapeared and it was replaced by ATA and AHCI so because it was on AHCI the computer was rebooting over and over so i changed it to ATA and now i am using the other case THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR REPLIES
  15. I'm clueless but have you made sure that everything is plugged back in properly where they are supposed to be? Yes Is there anything inside the slim case after you pulled it all out that looks out of place? Also Yes i have noticed that the slim case FRONT PANEL connectors have 1 extra pin is this some kind of strategy from dell to prevent users from modding theirs products? I will add 2 screenshots to the main post
  16. Im planning to upgrade case but i have this problem (Problem Changing Case) IT IS ALREADY SOLVED Anyway the cases i am totally looking for are the following ones Cooler Master HAF 912 $59.99 NZXT S340 $69.99 NZXT Source 210 $39.99 Wich of the cases do YOU think is better for the price and the "performance" they deliver I will be using ATX and mATX Motherboards (I currently dont have a USB3.0 mobo) Edit: (Problem Changing Case) Solved
  17. I added the second video to show is not the pheripherals because i have the exact same things puggled in the original case
  18. I am having trouble while trying to change my Dell Inspiron 560s Slim Case(Case Image) what happens is when i put the MOBO on the "new" case and hit the start button everything is normal, the bios works, all hardware is detected, everything is fine but when the OS is near to boot up it only shows about 5% of the boot up animation and then it restarts automatically doing the same thing over and over. The hard drive is 100% fine because when i change the mobo to the original case it just works perfect, im going to post image/videos to show what is exactly happening I already tried doing windows repair, HDD format, booting selecting the specific Hard Drive and also i tried to disable the automatic restart when windows fails and got this error (Image) Hardware Specs Dell 018d1y Motherboard (Image) Motherboard ​Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.8 Ghz Processor Mushing 2x2 1333Mhz RAM Western Digital Blue 7200RPM Sata II 500Gb Hard Drive Random Power Suply PSU NO GPU NO GPU Here is 1 video to show what is happening Here is 1 video to show that nothing is wrong with the Hardware YELLOW+BLACK-= HD LED, RED+WHITE-= POWER LED, BROWN+BLUE= POWER BUTTON EXTRA BLACK PIN =??????????? SLIM CASE FRONT PANNEL CONNECTORS EDIT: Added Second video to show is not my hardware &/or pheripherals EDIT 2: Now added 2 extra photos of the slim case from the FRONT PANEL
  19. Next goal 2 millions subscribers, i found linus when i was looking for what does ram does and how it affects performance, my favorite video styles are the build guides and the homemade mobo repairs, i want you to review a ultra cheap and good mid tower case because im looking to get one. GL
  20. Hello im looking to get a new case becuase i tried to put a GTX 750Ti on it and it couldnt fit (my profile pic) The specs on the case im looking for are triple B Bueno(Good) Barato(Cheap) Bonito(Nice Looking) Right now im using a Micro ATX Dell 018d1y Motherboard but im plannig to get a Normal ATX Motherboard on the future so i dont know wich case could be great for micro and normal ATX BUDGED ANYWHERE FROM $10 TO $100 the chaper the better
  21. Link not working for me use this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7MAnUtbBu8&
  22. but really on a seroius note should i get as least a GTX 750 Ti or a R9 270X and then upgrade the entire pc later?