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  1. Oh.. I actually didnt know it was like that because the very first file an .mp4 had no slowdown/speedup and i was convinced all .mp4 files would behave like the first one but I was wrong. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Hello, I was wondering why is that my new USB device is somewhat slow compared to other USB 3.0 devices. The first file I transfered to the usb was a 2gb video and the average file transfer was a CONSTANT (110 MB/s) which I deleted afterwards. After the first video file now all files behave in like a wave like transfer speed that I will show in an image. My pc specs are the following- Gigabyte GA-Z97-SLI I7 4790k Samsung SSD 850 Evo Using motherboard USB 3.0 Connections on the backplate Funny to add that in 1 of the 4 USB 3.0 connectors the speeds are a
  3. I recently got a super cheap asus laptop with windows 8 and everything worked fine THEN i got Windows 10 Pro installed in it. Now the problem i have is that audio doesnt work, even when i connect headphones, i have tried the following. -Reinstalling windows 10 with ethernet cable plugged in. -Installing windows 8.1 Audio Drivers -Installing windows 8 Audio Drivers -Installing windows 7 Audio Drivers (all 64 bits and from asus website.) Is there something i can do or am i forced to go back to windows 8.
  4. Hi, my friend wants to buy a cheap heatsink and we want to know if the Cooler Master T4 or the Cooler Master 212L are compatible with his Gigabyte motherboard: GA-M68MT-S2 https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-M68MT-S2-rev-31#ov Help would be much appreciated.
  5. Why would you change it? Is the display not good or what?
  6. I DONT know much about monitors and specifications and I am looking to buy my first 144 hz monitor so i can have the best pc gaming experience, I found some monitors for a similar price(because mexico) and the ones i found are these: If someone owns one of these or have other monitor you would like to recommend or have knoledge about which one is/are better please tell me Acer GN246HL | https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/model/UM.FG6AA.B01 Acer XFA240 | https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/model/UM.FX0AA.004 AOC G2460PQU | https://www.cnet.com/products/aoc-g2460pqu-le
  7. Oh well.. i guess i gotta play with this blurrines/darkness/brigthness for the meantime before i buy a decent display.
  8. I meant they had DVI-I but now they have DVI-D and now i cant use the adaptor because it doesnt go in.
  9. I wish i could do that, but for now i only have a LG 19EN33 which only has 1 VGA connector. Also i didnt had any problems using the DVI-I adaptor =/ with the old card
  10. I was using a GTX 750 ti with a VGA to DVI-I (Dual Link) Now i am using a GTX 1050 but with a VGA to HDMI adaptor (because for some reason they changed the connector to DVI-D) and now the colors looks extremely bad i cant even see the name of the champions in the League of Legends launcher i cant even play Battlefield 3 because when i open the game my monitor displays the error message "Out of range 67.4 kHz / 60hz" so i have to close the game. Nor i can use DSR Factors in the nvidia control panel becuase i get the same display error message. Is there a way i can fix this
  11. Hmmm maybe its because i havent updated to Windows 10 Creators Update, because when i type Skype in the windows Search Bar it just takes me to the Skype webpage where i download Skype full with aids
  12. yep and the way to fix it is restart the app or the PC
  13. after a long sesion using skype it will stay at about 5gb of RAM usage. even with no call or anything.
  14. I have windows 10 but i cant find a download link for Skype for Windows 10
  15. I agree with you skype has soo many memory leaks its horrible. Is there a release date for discord screen sharing?
  16. All my friends are using Skype, so i cant change to another software Is there a way to remove those clickbait ADS?
  17. I was looking for multiple core performance sorry for the vage term.
  18. Overall performance cinebench scores, a little bit of clock speed and a little bit single core performance i.e 6950x (if its considered as a consumer grade cpu)
  19. thats why i made this post. Googling it shows the fx series as the fastest amd cpus
  20. I dont think the 5960x and the fx 9590 are the fastest from each company thanks for your help.
  21. What are the 3 fastest CONSUMER GRADE CPUS from intel to date(march 2017)? And what are the 3 fastest CONSUMER GRADE AMD CPUS to date(march 2017)? Help very much apreciated.
  22. Well i marked you as solved i didnt know the 4790k needed to be delided to reach good temperatures. When i looked on the web for the 4790k and 212 evo i read this " the 212 should be good up to 4.6 but it's not guaranteed. 4.6 is pretty common with the 4790K and EVO, but if you want to go over that, you'll probably need a better cooler. " Thanks for the info everyone.
  23. Stock settings? You mean 4.0Ghz? With water cooling??!? Man you must have lost the silicon lottery really bad.
  24. I tried to say that while rendering (at 4.5Ghz) the temperatures go from 30~C° to 100C° in just 20 to 30 seconds. While at 4.4 Ghz the maximum temperatures are 75C° The total time to render 1 frame is like 1:40