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  1. What about other games? It's most likely something within the game's settings that is causing problems. Try to play around with the game settings a bit, switch between DX10/11/12 if that's possible, disable features, etc.
  2. Nobody is saying that he should buy a beast PC, just a new one, cause his current one is utterly bad. He's not playing the game on his current PC. Period.
  3. FX 8350 is slightly better but still slow. Though that graphics card is extremely underpowered too. He'd need a whole new PC, both CPU on a new platform, and at the very least a mildly powerful graphics card.
  4. Try. One. Stick. Individually.
  5. Though this is true, you prolly shouldn't tell this to someone with no experience, as it is also somewhat easy to screw up. By touching the CPU socket, running a CPU without heatsync, putting the thermal paste in the wrong place or way too much of it, trying to insert the RAM the wrong way around, etc.
  6. I guess it comes down to personal preference, does't it? I prefer GameBoy Advance and PS2 over any other. But that doesn't make them any better than the rest (or does it?).
  7. Why should you be? It's just a contact. Wipe it carefully with some alcohol and forget about it. Unless it's an AMD chip. Then don't touch it.
  8. A 4-core with HT vs a marginally slower 8-core with SMT? I'd take the latter any time.
  9. If it's non-OEM, he can extract the Windows key using ProduKey and apply it to the fresh installation. If it is OEM then he'd have to convince a Microsoft support employee to unlock the key by saying something like the mobo died on the last PC and he wants to replace the mobo but the key doesn't work on the new one.
  10. Non-fotoshopped looks better. Cool build tho.
  11. Overclocks also cause WUs to fail. though in this case it's a driver issue, apparently.
  12. Huawei Ascend G7 Amazing battery life, quick, snappy, and surprisingly unexpensive. Doesn't have a ton of RAM, but i have never felt it holding me back, even though I tend to run a few things at the same time. Though I guess I also run everything in the browser rather than installing apps, and have disabled all unnecessary apps and bloatware to maximize performance.
  13. Their previous CPUs have indeed been garbage. However, their new line may give you on par performance for less money than the current Intel stuff, and if it does it would be pretty stupid not to take that route. Don't you think?
  14. What exactly do you mean by bumble bee themed? Now is not the best time to build a PC. I'd suggest waiting the few days until Zen comes out. You might be able to get much better value for your money then.
  15. The AData one in the ad on this very page (top right) is very decent. Click on it. It's available in both SATA and M.2 format.
  16. Litargirio

    Hi i'm new

    um hello RedLine05 nice having you around welcome to the forum and stuff
  17. Litargirio

    Hi i'm new

    lies you're an alt account with an evil agenda posing as a newbie we have seen through your facade
  18. It all comes down to the case. There are no reverse ATX boards that I know of, but all boards fit inside a reverse ATX case, since it's the case that's built around the board, not the other way around. Just imagine taking any regular mobo and flipping it upside down, then making a case around it. The IO is still at the back, but further down; below the PCIe slots rather than above them. If you find a flipped m-ITX case, you can put any combination of regular hardware inside of it.
  19. What about reverse ATX? In reverse ATX cases the mobo is mounted "upside down", so you get to see the gorgeous top of the graphics card instead of the ugly backplate. The side panel would obviously be on the opposite side too. All Caselabs cases can be assembled in reverse orientation; some other manufacturers do that too, though I don't know any specific ones. I have my PC set up like that, as shown below. Though it doesn't look nearly as ugly through the window with the side panel on.