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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/mirrorsedge/comments/4g37xk/the_game_doesnt_support_phenom_ii_cpus_be_careful/ Since when is that a redirect? Manipulation is not your strong point.
  2. Software engineer can't even access a globally openable link? Sorry to say it but i'm done here, everyone else can see what i linked lol so i have no need to prove it with a print screen.
  3. Aww happens to not work when called out. How appropriate.
  4. I'm just going to keep typing and aid you digging that hole further.
  5. Well apparently i am trying to gain a foothold, it's quite obvious who is straining here, thanks for the baseless insults. Mr perfection.
  6. Mirror's Edge also had this until a fix was brought out.
  7. Nothing was derailed, that 3 year gap for mainstream is going to hurt intel, mark my words and watch as it happens. You seem new to this.
  8. SSE4 & SSE3 is used in newer titles and actually stops some old gen AMD Phenom chips from even launching the game. AVX is still unused.
  9. Overclockable XEON's Nehalem-EP Westmere-EP Sandy Bridge-EP So x79 and X58. Yup winning with overclocked XEON's... LOL
  10. And this helps for general computing and gaming and video encodes where? I like how you backtrack so much.
  11. 8890V5 is not overclockable and is a ridiculous sum of money, learn what crap you talk about.
  12. In Far Cry 3 we heard a similar thing, turned out the guy was delusional and dangerous.
  13. Sorry who buys these XEON's? certainly not any buyer on these forums or even you.