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  1. LePawel

    Globalfoundries might sell to Samsung or SK Hynix

    It's easier to monopolise social trends, what's "cool" and software than hardware and engineering. once you reach majority in a market as crucial to modern economy as chip manufacturing you can basically control how fast world develops computationally. Look at what Shintel's done before Ryzen came out.
  2. LePawel

    Death of the Lightning port

    reality check: You're not entitled to any money from nike, nvidia or intel. And if your local council is signing messed up deals with companies, vote for a different council.
  3. LePawel

    NZ fibre puts many countries to shame

    You realise that a lot of countries that don't spend stupid amounts on militart rely on US's role as world police to keep them safe?
  4. Hey guys, Watching WAN announcement, thinking of maybe flying in depending on costs from UK. As wise man once said, YOLO. Anyone wanna team up and see if we can save money?
  5. Because there's more than 1 variable? Research 101?
  6. what I'm saying is "We don't know what the bottleneck is, let's carry out a test for x to confirm or eliminate a factor". This really isn't hard to understand, it's basic research.
  7. If they all bottleneck evenly it's pcie bandwidth, sounds pretty simple to me.. You can't get any faster than a pcie 3.0 x16, but you can get slower.
  8. Jesus Christ, that's the point. If all gpus show same perf. drop, you're looking at possible bottleneck even at full speeds. You're not really familiar with research and testing are you...
  9. There's more to a pc than a gpu and a cpu. Imo it'd be interesting to see how they perform on a x4 slot, see if it's a bandwidth issue.
  10. This just means that gpu rendering is bottlenecked by another component. He should find which and do more tests based with different classes of that bottlenecked component.
  11. What? 1337 speek should now be considered a step up in human evolution? There's no benefit for us to compress 'are' to 'r' other than saving keyboard taps and hdd space. IMO, problem lies in generational gap between people that don't understand digital world and people that grew up in it. The old generation abuses it to replace proper parenting, and doesn't recognise side effects, because they didn't exist 10 years ago. There's basics of language and communication, and then there's your 'trans-humanism', what's next? 'Trans-humanising' physical laughter into the smile emoji?
  12. They all have different details like finish, materials etc, but looks like same/similar core (screen quality, sensors)
  13. Shit, as someone with access to those through profession, these can easily be used in sitting position, with or without controllers, they have by far best resolution, easiest setup and lowest price, yet you complain for sake of complaining. And just because you don't want something, doesn't means the market doesn't either.
  14. LePawel

    Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

    If you take the internet away from the world for a month literally every service in the western hemisphere will stop working, so thanks, but no thanks.