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  1. Could you use your hand on something like a trackpad? I don't know details, but I've seen a streamer plays escape from tarkov, and is missing his right arm from the elbow down, and he has a trackpad sort of thing that he uses with his arm to absolutely destroy people.
  2. It's not that it's more expensive, it's that it's significantly worse, for more.
  3. Yes it's compatible. However, I feel the majority of people here would strongly recommend a 3700x over a 9700k, swap out the 970 Evo for a better, cheaper NVME (660p, SX8200 Pro, etc), I'd recommend a 5700XT over a 2070S, and I feel you can get a RMx PSU for cheaper than that semi modular one. As well you can probably do that, along with 3600Mhz ram, and get a 1440p panel.
  4. https://www.partitionwizard.com/partitionmagic/dpc-watchdog-violation.html
  5. No you can't You could maybe awkwardly cram a windows game on half, and a browser on half, but it just isn't meant for that. You can easily divide windows, etc, but it doesn't work well with games. But I still think UW is king.
  6. Agreed. I haven't played a giant spectrum of games on it yet, but the only issue I've had is DS2 could only run at a standard 1440p, UW is not supported. But that's it, on a 2014 game..
  7. I have a 34GK950F and here's my take on it. Ultrawide is spectacular. I love it, I love gaming on it, I love productivity on it. And all in all that monitor is absolutely fucking fantastic, if you can afford it I highly recommend it. The only cons I can think of are: If you are a content creator, screen captures at 21:9 don't translate well to the 16:9 of youtube/twitch. I can show you some screenshots if you'd like, but you get little black bars to make it fit well. Not the end of the word for casual content, but it's a bit of a pain in the ass. If I'm doing something like playing ESO, I like watching youtube/twitch in the background, and it would be nice to have a 2nd monitor, so down the road I'd possibly consider mounting another panel above it. But in the mean time I absolutely LOVE the monitor.
  8. Yeah I think that's the best I can get. I don't believe I can convert 21:9 to 16:9 without awkwardly cutting off the sides.
  9. @piratemonkey I think I got it working?
  10. Just re-doing it in Handbrake appeared to have fixed it. It zoomed in on the 1080p screenshot a little, but that makes sense. And the quality seems a little shit, but I guess that's to be expected?
  11. I don't understand? How do I take the project and drag it into handbrake? Handbrake only works with actual media types, and there's no actual video file like that since it isnt rendered..? EDIT: And there's no settings for aspect ratio that I can find in resolve..
  12. Ok thanks. How do I go about rendering a DaVinci project in handbrake?
  13. This actually might be a brainfart. But here's a link to an old video with the same issue. It looks fine until I go full screen then it's messed up for me. Which confused me, because when I watch any other content on youtube in full screen, it fits the height of my monitor. I render right out of Davinci Resolve into .mov Pictures for reference
  14. Hey guys, So I feel I don't have a grasp on this. But I play at 3440x1440, and I captured a clip that I edited down, and wanted to upload. I understand I'll have small bars on the top and bottom (that's how I got my stream), but whenever I render or upload to youtube (in 1080p), I get giant black bars all the way around. And it's also like that for everyone who views it on other platforms. How can I fix this? I edit in Davinci Resolve by the way. Thanks, EDIT: Also it's ONLY the video. I there's a 1080p screenshot someone else took at the end of the video and it's fine.
  15. Realistically Cat5e is perfectly fine.
  16. I don’t name mine. Seems a little weird and awkward to me.
  17. That’s kind of irrelevant when your throwing 1.4V at it all core. and 1.4V is guaranteed completely unsafe. I’ve seen in a few rare cases people who can’t even his 1.3V safe. I suggest you actually do your research and just take the 15mins with P95 to find your max safe voltage. but tbh you’re best off just not OCing ryzen 3k. Just PBO + AutoOC and let it do it’s thing. A manual OC will get you less performance in lots of cases.
  18. I wouldn't buy a cooler because it's RGB. And I personally wouldn't worry about an AIO leaking, at all. Get a $10 RGB Strip
  19. Why don't you just hang around in game for a little bit? People are advertising all the time, and you'll probably have better luck there vs. a tech forum?
  20. My loins... are so moist.. I'm personally not a giant fan of horizontal runs, or distro plates, but those bends are fucking sweet. And I actually love that distro plate. That white lighting is purely why I like the O11, and one of the main reasons I bought it.
  21. What are the rest of your specs? Because it's evident that 0% of your budget went towards the phone camera.
  22. 5700xt can drive 1080p144
  23. Any quality, reputable arm, if properly attached/setup will hold your monitor just fine.