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  1. Hey guys, so I have Manjaro running on one of my 840 EVOs, but am going to donate that to a different build, and drop in my new WD Black SN850. Can I just copy over my .VDI file to a new drive and use it without issues? Also slightly unrelated, but my host OS (win10) is running off a PCIE 3.0 M.2, will I notice any improvement in speeds if I fresh install windows on my new PCIE Gen 4?
  2. I'm plugged in, In my network settings i have Attached to: Bridged Adapter Realtek Gaming GbE Family Controller Adapter Type Intel PRO/1000MT Desktop I don't believe it does. I'll try to recreate and confirm though. I'm pretty sure my ISPs router doesn't let me change that setting. I'm in Canada, using Bell
  3. That's basically summing up what I said. You took a pretty general statement summing up the power of the card, and nitpicked it looking for an argument. I'm done wasting my time.
  4. Wtf are you saying? You chimed in to say the 3080Ti is a 4k144hz card (which it's not). We've clearly established that is may be able to achieve that in certain games, but that doesn't mean it can be labelled as a "4k144hz card". Or did you literally come in here just to start an argument based off the fact that I said it can't drive 4k144hz when in fact it can run esports maybe at 4k144hz. Regardless, my original point still stands.
  5. So because the 3080Ti can maybe run 144hz in a small handful of esports titles at 4k it's "meant to be a 4k 144hz card"?
  6. You're right. I bet a 3080Ti could run Tzar: BotC at 144hz at 8k. Therefor don't tell people the 3080Ti isn't a 144hz/8k card... You see my point?
  7. 4k Ultra you DLSS you might be pushing 144hz in certain esports titles, but I wouldn't even bank on that. I can't find plenty of benchmarks, but for instance Fortnite is ~90fps, or ~130fps with DLSS. Not to mention getting a bit 4k monitor for esports kinda defeats the purpose of "competitive" esports. He'd be way better suited at 1440p if he cares about high refresh rate gaming. That's a no brainer.
  8. The 3080Ti can't drive anything at 144hz at 4k. I'd recommend UWQHD or SUWQHD personally
  9. Hey guys, weird title, I'll try to explain best I can. Specs are in my sig, host OS is windows, fully updated (19042.1052). In my windows settings monitor and PC are both set to sleep after 1hr, and hybrid sleep is turned on. Most of the time everything goes to sleep normally, and whenever I come back to the PC a little mouse wiggle/button press and it wakes up no problem. However, sometimes (only ever noticed it after leaving my PC overnight, even then it seems sporadic) my PC appears to be shut down (i.e. all lights are off, except mobo RGB lights r
  10. Hey guys, I'm dual booting Manjaro through VM Box, and I use expressVPN. It seems that once I have a lot of downloads running, my internet flat out just stops working, and I have to restart the VM. Any ideas?
  11. If it helps at all, newegg currently has as $200 off promo on the DT 1990 Pros. I debated pulling the trigger but I knew the missus would gut me.
  12. When she told me it was acting normal, I almost felt like an abuser. She hasn't used it much but I'll look into the drive and fresh install windows, and more than likely upgrade her. Because it's also an upgrade for me.
  13. I was almost thinking that, I just haven't dealt with an old system/HDDs in a while. It was Chrome for a while, but after I closed that it was "System" running about 8MB/s. There was basically nothing open. I'll do some more testing, then I might just have to get myself another M.2 SSD, and donate her my old 250GB 840 EVO.
  14. I mean, if it's a stationary monitor, peoples distance to their face varies, and on larger panels just the angle from your face to the outer edges/corners can sometimes have darkening on other than IPS panels. I also completely agree with point 2. Even with popular monitors (mostly UW) I've seen people have issues with dead pixels, backlight bleed, etc on POPULAR companies, nevermind cheaper ones.
  15. Hey guys, So a while back I passed on my old rig (FX-8350 + GTX 770) to my SO. I went to install a program onto it today and it was painfully slow. I'm talking wait times to minimize tabs, small wait time after CTRL + ALT + Delete. The only HD in it is an old WD Blue (1TB), and in the task manager it was pinned at 100%, even though the most used program was maxed out under 10MB/s. Is this an indication of a failing drive? I'm planning to get into it this weekend and do some digging/testing, but I figured I'd ask around in the mean time.
  16. You have a 3060 that's perfectly fine, but you want to buy a 3080 just to water cool for aesthetics?
  17. I would go with the Acer. 1. I've never heard of "Sceptre", and am very skeptic about buying "off-brand" computer parts, especially monitors. 2. I think IPS is the best when it comes to colour reproduction, viewing angles, etc. IMHO, when you're rocking a GPU that's MSRP is $700, skimping on a monitor is the biggest waste. I'm a believer that it's like firearms, where you're only going to get out of it, what you invest in your glass (in this case, your monitor). I think for a system of your caliber spending half your GPUs budget on your monitor is pre
  18. Seems odd you're only using 34%. Have you tried other games/benching it to see if it's the same?
  19. Part of me was wondering if this was the issue.
  20. Hey guys, so I'm trying to beat Exodus, however in the crafting menu I can't access the weapon or armour tabs, and I've had to restart the game for like the 3rd time, I'm going to lose pretty much all interest. I've tried verifying integrity of game cache, as well as reinstalling via steam, no dice. Anyone have a similar issue that they fixed?
  21. How do I cool my kitchen down while my oven is blasting... 1. You can't. Your PC emits heat under load. Get an AC, or get read to sweat it out. 2. No. No matter your cooling setup, you're still displacing the same amount of heat.
  22. Oh, it now says one or more sellers can't accept payment.
  23. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/284287215945?hash=item4230d6a949:g:i7wAAOSwZhtglkco