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  1. If we neglect the cost difference, would a 4K monitor do worse at 1440p than a native 1440 monitor? I wouldnt mind "paying extra" if I could experience 1440p144hz vs 2160p90hz firsthand on the same monitor. If not I think I will get myself a 1440 monitor. I guess I might have overrestimated the power of the computer haha
  2. Hey! I just ordered a pretty powerful pc with a rtx3080ti. Im upgrading from geforce 780ti so it's going to be a pretty big leap for me. Im very hesitant about which monitor I should order. Ive been looking for a 4K monitor with at least 144hz, but the most interesting ones seems to be freesync and only g-sync compatible which Ive heard bad things about. There are a few hdmi 2.1 monitors releasing here in a few months and though maybe I should wait for them because they have true gsync and nvidia reflex (hdmi 2.1 would be cool to test but only does 120hz). So my questio