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  • Birthday Mar 29, 2000

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    LeeT #7910

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    Assistant Manager @ Batteries Plus


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    AMD Ryzen 3 3100
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    Asus Prime X570P
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    32GB Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB
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    RTX 2060 Super
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    Deepcool Matrexx 50
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    500GB WDS5000G3X0C NVME, 1TB WD HDD
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    EVGA B5 650W 80+ Bronze
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    LG 27UK850, LG 24MK600M
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    AMD Wraith, 3 LL120, 2 HD 120, 1 ML120
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    iPhone 12

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  1. all of our vents are ceiling, in my room there are two vents. While the AC is off wouldn't this allow the hot air to escape through there?
  2. Also changed the direction that my fan spins to try to pull air up. In theory this should draw the cooler air from the floor up towards the ceiling
  3. Don't know about the zones, will have to check that out. Will also make sure the ceiling fan is up all the way. Just recently obtained a Dyson fan for pretty cheap and this has helped with that wind chill effect.
  4. This would work great, downside is I have two parakeets and the rest of the house finds them too loud so I have to keep the door closed all the time.
  5. Not overclocking, but will check the paste soon, maybe even now
  6. Not with our alarm system
  7. This is what I thought. We have central air but my in laws keep it at 78 degrees. When I check my room temp at night I usually see around 80-81.
  8. My PC seems to be making my room a lot warmer than I would like. My CPU tends to get up to 72 degrees when under load. Currently I am using the stock AMD Wraith cooler on a Ryzen 3 3100. My main questions are: 1 How could I prevent my PC from heating up my room? and 2 Would bringing the temps down with a water cooler help my room stay cooler?
  9. I’m going to college and they have this challenge. See who can get into this server and change the wallpaper. Usb ports are disabled. I have two ethernet cables and a switch really needing help. I cannot access the ip adress of the server either.
  10. can I delete my new 10 partition try to boot with only the partition with 8 on it?
  11. Windows 8 does not show up when I try to select another OS it's only Windows 10. I partitioned the HDD when I installed 10, but left my 8 files.
  12. This is all I get when I type in startup or recovery in the search
  13. I have recently installed Windows 10 on a dell laptop. I partitioned the drive and kept my windows 8.1 build. After installation though I cannot seem to figure out how to boot back into windows 8.1. Any ideas?