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    Il try to help ;)
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    i5 4690k (Hyper 212 Evo)
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    MSI Z97s krait
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    MSI GTX 960 Gaming
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    Ultra Something (i dont think they make it anymore)
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    Segate 1TB
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    550W Roswill Arc
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    Dell ST2220L
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    CM Storm Devastator -Keyboard
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    CM Storm Devastator -Mouse
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    some speakers + a sub
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    Windows 8.1 (sucks)
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  1. I own a D3300. If you wanting to make videos that involve any movement of the camera id stay clear of the lower price nikon. If you going to be locking focus then it will be fine. the D3300/D3400 hunt for focus the entire time making it annoying to watch. For video go with a Canon. Used 60D would be good.
  2. I enjoy taking photos and some videos of things but im sick of my Moto G (2nd gen) camera and want a dedicated camera. Im not really sure whats good in the market for under $500? Thanks for the help!
  3. I sorta need some and im not really sure whats good. Anyone know some good ones? Got to be UV blocking I like my eyes thanks. I googled then realized i rather hear about pairs people have used
  4. Me and a buddy have some great chats and were thinking about recording them but im not sure how to record him in a skype call and me at the same time. Anyone know how?
  5. PhysX installs and then 3D vision controller driver, HD audio Driver, Graphics driver, Nvidia Gefore Experience and 3D vision Driver don't install. I tryed first with Gefore auto update, then with a manual install and neither work. Anyone know a fix?
  6. No piracy, just removing a file from my COPY OF WINDOWS I PAID FOR
  7. I bought a new computer, sold the computer and kept the hard drive. Then when i built my new PC i just used the same hard drive and did a fresh install of windows.....then it hit me the product key was on the case. So i just just Microsoft toolkit to remove the think that prompts you to activate. I tried to call the guy but he isnt answering. So tool kit work?
  8. I mentioned that i needed a switch and my father bought me one. Plugged it all up and only get 10 down 5 up directly wired i get 180 down 30 up. Anyone else have this switch?