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  1. I run a 1080 and a 1050 monitor with no issues. Run DDU and wipe all the drivers. Then reinstall the amd ones.
  2. Ok so say 30-40% . I don't care the exact number, but either would be a decent increase over the 380. But as I said, the Op should only upgrade if they feel that they aren't getting the performance they want. You going to nitpick over 5%? Lol. And I knew that number when I was looking to upgrade my r9 280x on my son's computer, decided not yet. As he plays alot of minecraft.
  3. The 480 and 1060 would give about a 45%increase over the 380. Not a small increase if you ask me. Op: only upgrade if you feel if you aren't getting the performance you want. The 380 is still a decent card
  4. It's fine. Might sound a little loud but the fans will be fine. Play with the fan curve to find your ideal temp/noise levels
  5. I had an Asus r9 280x. Under load it hit mid 80s without a custom fan curve.thats perfectly normal. The danger area is 95+ for Hawaii cards. I used a custom fan curve and at 60% fan it never went over 80. Use after burner.
  6. I used to have a gtx 280. For minecraft it's fine as long as you don't use any heavy texture mods. It will struggle then. Also be warned mine did run very hot, but in the day it was a powerhouse for gaming.
  7. R9 380. Same performance, lower price https://m.newegg.com/Product/index?sdtid=9611900&SID=af700ef2cd6a11e6b9d9663bec8240840INT&AID=10440897&PID=1225267&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-cables-_-na-_-na&itemnumber=N82E16814131703
  8. It's a bug with multi monitor setups when you try to overclock. Hopefully they fix it soon.
  9. It's a bug with multimonitor setups at the moment. I was overclocking with my r9 290x and the memory speed dropped to 150mhz and couldn't fix it. Used DDU and reinstalled relive driver. Worked fine after.
  10. Just Google GeForce hot fix driver. There is like 5 or 6 on the first page
  11. People still use Gpuboss and cpu boss?
  12. At those prices, 480 all the way. No competition. Croatian here!
  13. I have no issues with an overclocked Fx 6300 (4.5ghz) and r9 290x
  14. I have an Fx 6300 over clocked to 4.5ghz paired with an r9 290x. It doesn't bottleneck it (hits 95% cpu usage) at most) but it's at the threshold. So if plan on overclocking I would say r9 290x/rx480/gtx 1060 (they are pretty close in performance) or if not overclocking rx 470
  15. Wouldn't go by that. My Fx 6300 (overlooked to 4.5ghz) and r9 290x max the game out on ultra with some overhead to spare on the cpu (hits 95% usage) and capped at 60fps using frtc Op: try using DDU and reinstall the drivers.