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    AMD Ryzen 3600x
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    Asus Tuf X570-Pro WiFi
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    G. skill 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 3600
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    Sapphire Pulse 5700xt (undervolted 1.99 ghz @ 1060mV)
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    Fractal Design Meshify C (Dark Tempered Glass)
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    1tb Sabrent Rocket NVME
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    Corsair RM750
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    LG 34Wk650-w
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    Hyper 212 RGB Black
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    Corsair K70 lux RGB w/ MX Brown
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    Logitech G602
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    Windows 10

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  1. I use the daisy chain method. Works fine. But if you want to buy a new set of cables, make sure they are made specifically for the model psu you are using, or you will have a really bad time. The psu side of the cables have a very specific pinout.
  2. Just get sleeved extensions. Sure it adds more cable to manage, but it should work fine.
  3. The default driver is targeting 2090, but I doubt it will reach that speed. I have the same card same settings. Testing with superposition it hits around low- mid 1900s speed, never gets close to 2090. I manually undervolts and overclocked the card to 2000mhz at 1.07v. Runs faster and cooler than the default.
  4. Both are good cases. One is optimized for airflow (meshify), the other for silence
  5. Some have glass in the front. I love my meshify c, sleek, simple, and not gaudy like cases of old. Before that I had a fractal define 5, loved it but too big for my taste.
  6. Wait....what? Of course Asus is concerned about how many cards sell. Asus are selling AMD chips in their cards.
  7. No it doesn't. Mine fits just fine on an Asus tuf x570. Use the correct mounting hardware.
  8. It's perfectly normal. 3600 behaves like that. Idles mean nothing. Source: I have a 3600x which fluctuates between mid 30s and mid 40s
  9. Here it is, nothing scientific, but hope it helps. Was testing against Superposition 1080p extreme (might have left hdr on during testing, which would lower it a bit, but you get an idea). superposition.pdf
  10. I don't game at 4k, using 1440p. But, my benchmarks went up quite a bit as it can sustain boost much much longer. I made a spreadsheet for my scores. If interested I can find them for ya, have them saved somewhere in an excel file on my pc along with all temps and frequencies.
  11. I am using a 5700xt, no complaints. The only issue I have with it is I can't record gameplay in hdr using adrenalin software (looks oversaturated). I just use windows dvr to record and it's all good. I had also before this a rtx 2060 (gave it to my son), gtx 1660i (now in an htpc), r9 290x, r9 280x, gtx 260, and some older ati cards. Drivers can be hit or miss for both over the years for both camps, but I honestly like the software for the radeon cards better. I don't do anything that takes advantage of cuda (mostly engineering and environmental programs that are
  12. Junction temp will naturally be higher than the core temp. At stock mine was sitting at 93c, too hot for my taste as it causes the fans to ramp up significantly. I find the best way to deal with junction temp is to undervolt it. My sapphire pulse 5700xt undervolts beautifully while being able to overclock really well (amd default profile pumps way too much juice in it). I got my card to 1.999ghz, 1071mv, 1800 mhz ram and a core temp of 73c, junction temp of 86c. Fans never spin faster than 1600rpm under heaviest of loads.