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  1. Really cool but would be curious to see it in person as in the video it looked a little washed out
  2. Would like to replace my smaller main SSD and move the older drive to power a media pc.
  3. Awesome. How would you split the CPU thou, one of the machines would have a triple core to so the VM has one.
  4. recently moved to an apartment and looking forward to the space savings of a small system
  5. SSHD typically come with pretty limit SSD space and the performance is lacking due to space constraints on the design. Like what everyone else is saying, a dedicated setup will likely give you better data security and performance. Personally what I do is use two WD Green in RAID 1 for redundancy and cache it with an older 64gb SSD i have lying around. I have my OS on a separate boot SSD. If you do any kind of video production or photography, i would recommend (regardless of which direction you take) to find an old harddrive and have it dedicated to be a scratch disk. I have an old 500gb laptop drive that i don't store anything on but set Photoshop to use as a scratch disk. This will preserve your SSD's R/W cycles.
  6. I had a similar issue with an older board, it ended up being a damaged ram slot. You may want to carefully check the slot for any dirt or metal debris which could be shorting something out.
  7. PSU, a well built, efficient, and quiet PSU is arguably the longest lasting piece of any custom system.
  8. I'm not surprised. I think it might have to do with the technology behind RGB led's If you look at the diodes, you will notice that they usually try to fit RGB diodes on a unit similarly sized as that of a single color. In the end, each color will output significantly less light. Since different colors have different intensities, even the combined output of each LED may be less than a single color unit. As long as each key has the same brightness, and all the colors are the same, I highly doubt you have a defective unit.
  9. Been watching since the ncix unboxing days. Miss the "unboxing" but seeing the progression of your format has show me a lot of how to approach and progress in the industry. Would like to see more casual vlogs, i think it would show myself and many viewers the "dirty" side of how you have built Linus Media Group and transitioned the company from a small startup to a more formalized small business. PS. In Vancouver for a 4 month Co-op term (living in Burnaby). would love to see some kind of viewer meet-up in the next couple of months
  10. I use photoshop extensively, and it really stands out when rendering. If you do light visualization, the hyperthreading reduces the impact on your main OS. other than that, my i5 does things just as well. If you are on a budget, i've found that having excess ram (eg. 16gb) and turning off paging improves performance more for everything (esp. having a thousand chrome tabs open =P). It prevents your system from resorting to harddrive so things are in general snappier.
  11. While the Greens do turn off, you have to consider what the usage of your NAS is. From what you have posted, it seems like it is just a simple media? Red's are rated for continuous use and really shine with greater number of drives due to vibration. I have a NAS setup with greens, and from idle to active, there is maybe a 2 second delay, once it is on, it doesn't turn off for a while so continuous seeks are fast. If the drives are not constantly active, you would definitely save power and perhaps prolong the life of the drives. Also, many NASes will automatically spindown drives anyways to reduce power.
  12. Regarding thumbnails, they aren't generated in realtime; they are cached. With both 5.4 and 7.2k rpm drives, the delay is in the spinup. I have a gigabit NAS running 5400 and a internal 7200 setup, there is no perceivable difference between them. Sure, with raw performance benchmarks, but the bitrate of (your typical) compressed media files cannot saturate either of them.
  13. mikey

    Sony Xperia Z2

    My Z10 battery barely lasts a day without much use. That battery life + ips screen is the best part imo.