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  1. feel free to hate me... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5_E5VtzKx8
  2. Most likely, if you can grab it. But if you can't, get a g3258 and upgrade to something like an i5 later on in time.
  3. Video editors/VM people on a tight budget, get an octo-core AMD. It's a genius decision IMHO. Gamers, don't get an octo-core AMD. Gamers on a budget, get a G3258 or i3 4150. Destroys the Fx 8350 in single core performance and in games.
  4. Downsides of me being a techie: 1. Most trusted person with technology, people choose me out of a crowd to have me help them. 2. Doing the job on the side makes nowhere near as much money as being hired by a corp. but there is a lot less stress and better time management.
  5. Son of a bitch. I need a case, PSU, and GPU to get started on this PC. So far the board is looking super sexy. BUT THERE IS NOTHING TO PUT IT IN. Time to go digging around for a junker.
  6. According to his discussion on the WAN show, he is going to be visiting his wife's relatives who are across various parts of southeast asia and visiting some technology-based facilities in japan.
  7. I'm fine with them using it for something like a HTPC or something non-demanding. It makes me cringe externally when I see them trying to do AutoCAD on a jesus-level rendering machine (with xeons) using XP professional.