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  2. Plutosaurus

    Is everyone an amateur game streamer nowadays?

    This equivalent to kids sniffing cat pee though? A trend that will die out?
  3. CyberFerno

    VR Headset recommendations

    I’m waiting on the Oculus Rift S. It’s gonna be 400 dollars.
  4. rice guru

    Hd 6xx vs He 4xx vs hd 58x

    Out of all of them I say the he 4xx would be the best for your taste.
  5. a_sad_fat_guy

    My Janky Rig

    Bought it originally a couple years ago as a prebuilt, completely stripped it, apart from the RAM. Had to cut a hole in the top for the radiator to fit. Front panel got busted, the side panel doesn't fit and even if it did it is bent to hell. probably could do with a new case that fits all the components. i7-8700k, MSI GTX 1070ti, Asus Z370 Prime-A, 16gb Crucial DDR4, really cheap 850W PSU. Corsair H115i Pro. using razer peripherals, a samsung 32" 4k 16:9 monitor & an LG 25" 21:9. Not really a big techie that's why it looks horrible, pretty much built and installed the whole thing. My MOBO came with a 3.1 port that vacuum'd itself to the cable so when I removed it the pins were damaged. Also a few of the power leads are for a Vive.
  6. New version seems to have different heatsink design, but the rest are the same.
  7. xdeathshot20

    Case Recommendations

    i love my h700i. Dosent come with rgb fans but does come with a integrated rgb strip
  8. Matacks

    looking for mechanical key board

    here you go man.. the ducky keyboards are pretty good. this one isnt even one of the shine models though.. they're sorta hard to find.. there are also a lot of other brands to consider. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=9SIAHB08XC2768 heres another better one.. https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=4284
  9. aezakmi

    Is everyone an amateur game streamer nowadays?

    streamers are toxic, don't be like them.
  10. i edited the post to say "whether my cpu can take a gpu upgrade" i'm not planning on upgrading cpu cuz I know how impossible it is. If I were to upgrade my cpu I would be throwing out this mobo and getting a better one, that would make my life easier on choosing a cpu and I could have m.2 and overclocking.
  11. I can't tell if I'm marginal or slight.426895451_SmartSelect_20190425-215513_SamsungInternet.jpg.a030e08a574330af7782830115ceb407.jpg

  12. so im thinking of building a new pc and while i was looking at motherboards i quiet liked the ASUS Prime Z370 A, mainly becasue it was cheap. but when i look at my local online stores all i can find is the Asus Prime Z370 A II, so i am wanting to know what the difference is between the new version and the old one, and if there is anywhere i can still get the original version as the new one is almost double the price
  13. there really very limited option to upgrade cpu, used i7 desktop cpu are too expensive, you may look into i7 laptop modded cpu for a little cheaper and weaker, but imo not worth the risk. other than changing the whole platform for upgrade, theres really no obvious way to solve your bottlenecking cpu, depends on what programs you run, may be play some less cpu demanding games first?
  14. Justin092

    Case Recommendations

    So, I'm going to be upgrading my computer, and would like some good case recommendations. Wants for the case: Cable Management (Like the "Cable Shroud?" in this case) PSU cover ATX Mid Tower (at least, but would be very happy with Full Tower recommendations for the added space) RGB Fans (included?) Of course a cool design and any other bells and whistles Will consider price upon recommendation, but nothing crazy like $500+ Also unsure of the graphics card I'm going to go for, so a case that can fit most graphics cards Will be using a full size ATX motherboard Oh and I would love tempered glass, unless you would advise against
  15. 1650 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. How to ruin my day:622450906_SmartSelect_20190425-215155_SamsungInternet.jpg.8626a19d30fb4388edafcdf4a5866784.jpg

    1. Kaloob


      This is the forecast for tomorrow. 

    2. aezakmi
  17. oh... lame... I mean still cool... but lame...
  18. Oathkeeper98

    Weird slight stuttering

    Alright after using my pc for an hour experiencing no stutter and with my oc's this seem to have been the culprit
  19. aezakmi

    CPU Overheating, and I Have No Idea Why

    Oh Lord when will be the day that users will stop suggesting "RMA" as the only possible solution? .... nvm. 1 reseat the cooler and replace thermal paste 2 check the power cable 3 one of the tubes getting hot is completely normal, that indicates the radiator is working, hot liquid goes thru one tube and returns to the block cold. 4 get rid of the "interface cable" going from the pump to the internal USB header as well as the Y splitter, connect the fans directly to the mobo and use BIOS Setup to control them.
  20. Boinbo

    My Sub-$500 PC Build

    So Firewrath's build would be fine for me pretty much? And I heard the P350x has better value for money.
  21. Kaloob


    SINGLE TRACK?! Wow. Even our system, with 8 min headways on most lines couldn't get by with 1 track. Stuff would go boom. Hopefully none of our new light rail will be single track, that would be a death wish. There is supposed to be a grade crossing on an on/off (I forget) ramp for the Parkway, a very busy freeway. I'm guessing I'll hear a lot of commotion from that being less than 1K feet from it, I already hear motorcycles from it. I hope not, though.
  22. LienusLateTips

    My Sub-$500 PC Build

    You won't be seeing SSDs out in the open... The P300 Black/White would be great for you https://pcpartpicker.com/product/tjNv6h/phanteks-eclipse-p300-blackwhite-atx-mid-tower-case-ph-ec300ptg_bw
  23. Did the forum break? It says you last visited February 21st.

  24. Uninteresting fact #69: I go to sleep early on Fridays.

    1. CUDAcores89
    2. Kaloob


      @CUDAcores89 To be fair, I said uninteresting.

  25. Boinbo

    My Sub-$500 PC Build

    Well, I would like a mostly black with a few white accents to compliment my current color scheme, and I think 500GB is enough. I am coming from a laptop with integrated graphics on a core i3 4030u, and 4gb ddr3l, so really nearly anything is better than what I have.
  26. You won't get far before a 1080p GPU bottleneck Maybe like a 1660 or RX 590 will do? However those are both not that much higher performance than the 970
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