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  2. porina

    Pair of AMD Navi GPU's to be shown at Computex

    It's unclear to me, are these two separate GPUs, or the same GPU operating at different speeds? My concern is the 2070 performance comparison on the higher card. We have had that ball park performance since Vega 64, and the pricing doesn't sound much different either.
  3. MeatFeastMan

    Pair of AMD Navi GPU's to be shown at Computex

    Yes, computex. Maybe the plan is to release these two at computex, and then the smaller ones at E3. No idea.
  4. in Europe they are branded under "Honor" not Huawei, Honor being it's own entity/brand wonder if these new sanctions affect Honor phones, or only specifically huawei branded ones
  5. valdyrgramr

    Pair of AMD Navi GPU's to be shown at Computex

    Radeon V and Radeon VI?
  6. I’m building a pc and using i5 3570k 240 ssd 1050 ti 750 Watts G skills 16x2 3000 not sure what fans or motherboard to use with this (this my first pc build) i don’t want no liquid coolers if that’s possible
  7. VegetableStu

    Pair of AMD Navi GPU's to be shown at Computex

    they most definitely can't call them 3080/3070 now. that'll attract comparisons to the 2080 and 2070 ._. EDIT: hang on, Computex? o_o what about Next Gaming Horizon at E3? o_o
  8. Tasnim7

    How to remove windows defender?

    Not necessarily, It is a mod for the multiplayer mode to play offline with robots.
  9. should put a laptop that mirrors the projector on the side, LOL is he like Wonder Woman's super secret secretary? o_o
  10. I'd strongly suggest to look into better pump. Laing/Lowara D5+top is still cheaper at Aliexpress than at other retailers. If you can't afford that, at least get Barrow or Bykski pump, 18W D5/17W DDC. Keep in mind that different tubing requires different fittings.
  11. Is your PC Grounded? It might be static interference. It is a good enough psup, but it might have leakage, i would check your case with a multimeter just to make sure. And did you try switching USB ports ?
  12. VegetableStu

    How do you pronounce "M.2" ?

    dammit no one on youtube had the full clip that had Jeremy Clarkson saying will.i.am with the dots, LOL
  13. I know, but it's still a stupid scene

    Looks like my upgrade from the 1060 to the Rx 580 wasn't totally useless...

  15. Donut417

    Ethernet over Coax?

    Cable Internet is over Coax, DSL is over Phone lines.It looks like your using phone lines for this.
  16. @KoxicainI didn't, its on 100, i tested with 50hz and 60hz, but its still the same, as soon as my RAM work on 3000mhz cant use webcam, everything else works fine even on 100% load of CPU and GPU, but i have just that webcam problem..
  17. To my viewpoint, it looks like the US gov really doesn't want Huawei 5G infrastructure products in use anywhere in the world. They have tried to "persuade" other countries to follow their line with varying degrees of success. The handset business is not a target of the action, but just a major casualty as a result of it. This latest move essentially takes the choice out of the equation. Huawei have their ability to compete crippled. If Huawei consumer devices were split into an independent company from Huawei infrastructure, that might be sufficient to get around it. But this is not something that is likely to be done in a reasonable amount of time and the damage has already been done. Another possible but unlikely strategy might be to move the company HQ outside China, with a change in management. I don't expect that to happen, just that it could be a possibility. An alternate OS without an app ecosystem would pretty much kill the device's appeal in the open world market. Closed markets like China may have more chance of adapting.
  18. Wild Penquin

    Grub only properly boots from bios??

    My guess: you have several grub installations; perhaps some are UEFI and one of them could be in the MBR. The one booted per default is different from the one you force from BIOS (and the one who fails is looking for grub configuration file from a device it, obviously, can not find. Actually, I believe this is the only way your situation can be explained. After booting to Linux, can you run command: 'ls /sys/firmware/efi/efivars' We're interested if the file /sys/firmware/efi/efivars exists or not (technically, it's not a file.... or is, but let's not go into that). List your efi boot entries by running 'efibootmgr' Also, try to determine if the boot entry you force from BIOS is legacy or UEFI. Do you have Legacy, UEFI or both/hybrid enabled in your BIOS? Which MB do you have?
  19. huilun02

    Battery for wireless mouse

    Those USB AA batteries dont hold as much charge because of the USB tip. Their make quality and longevity are questionable too. With a bad charger they are prone to overheat/damage.
  20. ASghostKI

    Ryzen 7 2700x OR I7-8700 (Non K)

    Alright guys thank you, I'll wait for the announcement to see if the prices drops. I heard the release date would be on like mid august, so I think there is now way I could manage to get it
  21. Did you overclock your bclk ? Make sure that is set to 100 so you dont OC your USB ports. Also if you have a C920/922 try switch inbetween 50hz and 60hz.
  22. SatansBestBuddy

    Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

    After losing about a week's worth of sleep to scrapyard wars (and other late night tech tip videos), I'd like next season to be building a whole computer, that is, including monitor, mouse, keyboard and speakers. That and I've been wondering recently, just how old of tech can you get second hand and still be able to play new games well? Like, basic 30fps low settings but playable? Is it even playable at that point? Can a gtx660 even DO 4k?
  23. Well it's not like you actually notice the performance difference of an SSD off the CPU vs chipset either, you can see it in benchmark software though. But yea overall 400 would have to be a lot cheaper than 500 to not go for the new one.
  24. huilun02

    Battery for wireless mouse

    Any reason why you recommend those? Alkalines are heavy and can leak.
  25. Putting AMD aside, but vulnerability issues suddenly make Intel CPUs without HT looks viable? (eg 9700/9700K, 9400/9500/9600/9600K)

  26. @Jurrunio Still the same, 2933, 2800 i still get flickering, as soon as i put it to auto and its 2400mhz, webcam works totally normal, without any problems. Only thing can can assume is PSU since its not that "good" and i have my CPU overclocked, i just need someone else to confirm me that., thanks for your help
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