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  2. Askingquestions

    Does power supply make sounds when turning on?

    After 5-6 second sounds are gone and sound are un-noticable and small, can you let me know the causes and is there something to worry about?
  3. SenpaiKaplan

    Does power supply make sounds when turning on?

    Power supplies to sometimes coil whine, as do GPU/CPU coolers. That is the only thing i have experienced.
  4. curryinaninstant

    Best combination

    Any preferred framerate target? How much do you want to spend?
  5. Ryanwake

    Can we get a new title for the his vid plz

    I'm hoping for riskV, i refences the vid and i don't want the other person to have to watch the vid before they know what I'm talking about
  6. Strider890

    Jagged Shadows,Pop in,Low LOD and jagged aa

    I saw that post too.
  7. curryinaninstant

    Vega 64 Crashing

    Did you end up RMAing it? How did that process work and how long does the RMA process take? I don't want to go down that route since it means that I won't have a computer for a while...
  8. Too many people are too reliant on modern technology as it is.
  9. I'm calling it on this Gigabyte board.

    I can't repair this, the damage is too severe.


    Really sucks to have to ditch it, it's a Z97X-UD5 TH. I can at least salvage the built in WLAN card for something, but this board is not gonna work and I'm not gonna try making it.

    1. xKyric


      How was it damaged?

  10. curryinaninstant

    Vega 64 Crashing

    I have done that and still get the same results. I'm pretty sure its stuck in P1 all the time.
  11. Gamerfiend_

    Please Help, Chatmix issue Astro A40 PC

    God please somebody help before this new headset goes out the window. I have followed Astro's setup video EXACTLY how they tell you to and I can only hear my discord chat, If i switch my playback default device to "4- Astro Mixamp Pro Voice" I get both audio But the mixer doesnt function?? im so lost, and cannot find anything useful online at all. please god say someone has had th
  12. SenpaiKaplan

    Any recent android with a headphone jack

    Every samsung phone made AFAIK. I switched to the XS Max, have not missed the headphone jack 1 bit. It was nice, yeah, but I never used it anyways.
  13. It's not quite that simple when dealing with national security.
  14. MrTiC

    Vega 64 Crashing

    I have that blackscreen and fans 100% problem since ive got the card (june 2018) and its been replaced 2 times and still does it I had blackscreens about 4-6x a day, and i kinda fixed it with using HDMI instead of DP, it only happens once a week now Doesnt matter if its windows or linux And if you look on the amd forums there are thousants of complaints regarding that From what i can tell its a driver related issue
  15. Hi, I've a question, does power supply make un-noticable or little sound when turning on the PC? Thanks
  16. what influence does core speed and vcore have on the vrms? Im not shure what the temps are when i game but doing prime 95 i noticed that SYSTIN and Mainboard peaking above 80c so SYSTIN or Mainboard is a sensor close to the vrm? (HwMonitor) Is HWMonitor good enough to monitor vrm temps or is there anything better?
  17. Beyond the fact that most of history is dictated by actual conspiracies (and one can always categorize representative governments under that), there is an entire world of secret projects no one ever hears about. Further, in open publications that have to actually deal with governments, they'll avoid actually publishing real information unless it's one faction fighting against another. What we do know is most of the world views Huawei as a massive security risk and are actually acting like that. The details would be nice, but basic observations says there's a lot more going on than we know right now. We'll probably find out in a decade, but, for now, we don't know.
  18. Turtle Rig

    Vega 64 Crashing

    Try going into BIOS and set everything to defaults, Then also do not OC GPU either and tell us if this happens. In game is what matters not a stupid benchmark my friend.
  19. Also, the motherboard I'm talking about has another issue, it won't turn on. The start button and the reset buttons on the motherboard are illuminated but, they won't respond to any manual input. The motherboard is also missing two smaller resistors that broke off on the backside and has one damaged thick film resistor(P110) by the cpu power on the back as well.
  20. The point was no screen, like a Chromecast with a battery and wireless HDMI, so you could stream from your pocket to you tablet or phone. You won't need to upgrade as often, and when you want a different screen or 1 breaks it's only $100-$400 not $800-$1000, plus it could be bigger than a phone so it can have laptop/Chromebook specks so you only need to upgrade every 5-10 years. And it's less likely to be broken because it almost never leaves you pocket/ backpack, and it's all metal so no cracked screens. No standards and it can be whatever shape the manufacturer wants, but i think square rectangle and ovel/circle would be the most popular.
  21. Lone2121

    Best combination

    @curryinaninstant I want to game and stream comfortably while playing at 1080p with a free sync monitor.

  23. Conspiracy theories are bullshit. If they had any evidence it would be out already.
  24. curryinaninstant

    Best combination

    Those are both good and shouldn't bottleneck but we need more information about what your goals are to provide more info.
  25. zrmaxwell

    Any recent android with a headphone jack

    Also the Samsung S10 line of phones..
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